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Paris is hot in July, so try swimming in the Villette

Paris in July is hot & in the vacation month of August it is even hotter.If you need an escape from all that heat head on over to the Villette in the 10 eme and dive into one of the three new canal pools

The three pools have different depths that should keep everyone happy. 
One is only 40 cm deep perfect for youngsters, the other is 1.2 metres deep & the final pool is 2 metres deep
The whole structure is 100 metres long, roughly 2 Olympic pool lengths. Facilities will include showers, changing rooms & toilets. On the canal you will find deckchairs, food trucks etc.
If all this is not enough to keep the teenagers happy they can swim in the canal with the locals!

NB: All should be up & running in mid July subject to approval from the local councils

NB: photos 1 & 3