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When is a laundromat not just a laundromat?

When it’s a bar as well!

Its amazing the things you discover when you  are updating the toilets in the 10eme.

What started out as an annoyance at missing a laundromat soon turned out to be a pleasant surprise when I discovered it was a front for a speakeasy upstairs!

Make no mistake ,this is a functioning laundromat. It may be the worlds smallest laundromat, with 3 washing machines & 1 dryer. It is very clean & otherwise well maintained.

But like all speakeasy’s there is a secret door, and that secret door is behind the dryer that is marked with a 4. Now for the next problem, how does one open the door? Easy, press the start button & the door will spring open!

From here, head up the dark staircase and enter into a pop art meets Tulum Mexico
cocktail bar. Its small, with friendly staff that may or may not be able to speak any
English. Thursday nights are chill but if a buzzing night out is more your style, visit on
a Saturday evening instead.

So ladies,( and sadly, it is inevitably ladies) this is a great time to volunteer to do the laundry after a day in Paris.

Where is is this wondrous place? 

30 Rue René Boulanger
Bar Hours: Tue-Wed  18.00-01.00
                  Thur-Sat    18.00-02.00
Closed: Sun
No reservations
No groups
Laundromat Hours: Mon-Sun 8.00-22.00
                                Last Wash: 21.00
Cost Wash:             7 kg        E 3.50
                              16 kg        E 7.50
Cost Dry                15 min      E 1.00