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Capri & Anacapri Beaches & Pools

Capri & Anacapri
Public Beaches

   Next to Bagni Tibero

Beach located on far left
Via Palazzo a Mare
Sand or Rock ?: Sand,gravel & rock
Facilities: None,but that doesn't stop the locals spreading along this area.Popular because of its cove like area.

How do I get there? 
  From Via Marina Grande,turn right                                Turn right onto another Palazzo a Mare!
                                                                                               at Palazzo a Mare

Turn left at the corner onto yet  another Palazzo a Mare

Look out for a pathway on your right before Bagni Tiberio

Marina Grande



                                                          Beach is divided into 2 by Private Beach Lo Smeraldo
Sand or Rock ?: Gravely sand & rock
NB: Crowded in high season
        Rubbish bins
       Safe for children & those that are not strong swimmers

How do I get there?
Follow the walk way from the ticket office for the ferry

Marina Piccola



Located: In front & to the side of Scoglio delle Sirene beach club .Walk down stairs from bus terminal
               On the right when you arrive at the beach,in front of Private Beach Da Gioia 

How do I get there?

Bus to Marina Piccola
Toilet on the left, down the stairs

Punta Carena Lighthouse


Faro di Capri
Sand or Rock ?: Rock terrace.Ladders to get in & out of water
Facilities: Snack bar da Antonio located behind with chair hire available.
How do I get there?
Bus to Faro

Gradola at Grotto Azzurra


Via Grotto Azzurra
Sand or Rock ?: Rock terrace.Ladders to get in & out of water
Facilities: Toilet just past the bus stop

How do I get there?
Bus: Get of at the last stop and follow the path to your left OR on foot from Anacapri
                                          Follow the arrow to the left.
                                                              Toilets are also along here

Pathway to Gradola

NB: The walk to the Blue Grotto is not sign posted very well

Via Krupp-Nude & Clothed


Grotta dell'Arsenale
Via Krupp
Sand or Rock ?: Rock
Facilities: None.

How do I get there?
About 150mtrs from the last bend in Via Krupp you should see a path on your left (or right depending which way you came).Follow this path.The Grotto is roughly 4 metres above sea level, OR  by boat You should see others sunbathing, so pick something nearby.

NB: Predominately a nude area.
Caletta di Mesola

Photos: Michael Hambelton Google Sphere

Fortini di Mesola

Via Mesola
Sand or Rock ?: Rock
Facilities: This secret swimming spot,located close to Faro di Punta Carena, is popular with divers and locals.. Access is challenging. Please note that this spot does not really offer sunbathing and the sea can be rough. A little rock pool offers safer bathing.

How do I get there?
Ask the bus driver to let you out at Mesola and walk across the countryside to the spot. Otherwise take the bus to Faro and follow the 'Fort' trail. This has been upgraded with ceramic signage. Note however that signage in Capri can be tricky, just following the path will take you to the spot.

Private Beaches & Restaurants 
Marina Grande
Bagni Tiberio



Via Palazzo a Mare, 41
Tel: 081 837 0703
Beach Hours:        Easter-End Sept   Mon-Sun    9.00- Sunset
Restaurant Hours: Lunch May-End Sept Mon-Sun 12.00-16.00
                              Dinner July                  Fri
                                          Aug                 Tue & Fri Reservation Only
Cost Sunchair   All day       E 9.00
       Umbrella    All day       E 5.00
       Cabana       All day        E 43.00
Extras: Free Wifi.
Feedback: In the height of season there is barely enough space to walk between chairs. Busy by 10.00am .Keep an eye on the tide, the front row can disappear into the Med!

How do I get there? 
    From Via Marina Grande,turn right                     Turn right onto another Palazzo a Mare!
                                                                               at Palazzo a Mare

  Turn left at the corner onto yet  another Palazzo a Mare
Look out for a pathway on your right before Bagni Tiberio


Shuttle service from Marina Grande, which leaves every 10-15 min 
Cost: E10.00 (also covers entrance fee which should include a locker )

Lo Smeraldo


Piazza Vittoria
Tel: 0818375072
Mobile/Cell: 368.80.10.245
Beach Hours:   May-End Sept    Mon-Sun    9.00-18.00
Restaurant Hours: Open for Breakfast,lunch & Dinner
Extras: Staying at the   Free chairs etc are reserved for hotel guests
Feedback: Low key, family friendly, good food , excellent service and lovely location.

How do I get there?
Just behind the ticket office in Marina Grande. Blue and white striped colour palette.

Le Ondine


Via Cristoforo Colombo 7
Tel: 081 8375453
Hours: May-Sept Mon-Sun 9.00-18.30
Feedback: Excellent service with good food. Friendly, welcoming environment.

How do I get there?
Walk to the right of the ticket office, blue and white striped awning.

Da Luigi ai Faraglioni



Via Faraglioni 5
Tel: 081 8370591
Beach Hours:        Easter-End Sept    Mon-Sun    9.00-18.00
Restaurant Hours: Easter-End Sept   Lunch         12.00-18.00
                              Jul & Aug              Dinner        Sat only
Cost Sunchair:    E 24.00
Extras: Restaurant Lunch and Dinner. Walk in's welcome.
Feedback: Beautiful views. Expensive. Quality of food and service varies.

How do I get there?
                    From the Piazzetta head down the                        Follow the road down the hill.
                           Via   Vittorio Emanuele                                       Ferragamo is on your left

                   Turn left onto Via Camerelle                               Turn left onto Via Tragara

                      Quisiana is on your righ


                 Keep walking along                                        Just before the Belvedere di Tragara take the

                                                                                              path on your right & follow the signs

NB: You can take boat service back to Marina Piccola at the end of the day to avoid the climb back up.
        Between hours of 15.00-18.30.
       Cost: E 5.00

La Fontelina



Via Faraglioni
Tel: 081 8370845
Hours: Beach Apr-Oct Mon-Sun. 9.00-19.00
Hours Restaurant : Lunch Mon-Sun 12.30-16.30
                               Evening events only
Entry inc Change Room, Shower, Matela, Chair: E 20.00- E 22.00
Cost   Sunchair:                              E 11.00
          Umbrella:                              E 11.00
          Towel                                    E 7.00
          Beach Hut (max 3 people)    E 32.00
Feedback: An acquired taste. Service variable.High end clientele. Helps to have concierge reserve you a place or tip for a good spot. A place to see and be seen. Similar feel to Quisisana poolside.

How do I get there?
Walk from the Piazzetta and then walk down the stairs.(see above directions for da Luigi) or a Taxi boat from Marina Piccola on request.
Shuttle boat from club to Marina Piccola between hours of 15.00-18.30
Cost: E 5.00

Marina Piccola
Torre Saracena



Via Marina Piccola
Tel: 081 8370646
Beach Hours:       Apr-Oct     Mon -Sun 9.00-18.00
Restaurant Hours: Apr-Oct    Lunch  Mon-Sun     12.00-15.30/16.00
                                               Dinner Sat                evenings by reservation only.
Extras: American bar serving cocktails and snacks daily.
Feedback: If you hire a boat it is likely your captain will take you here for lunch. Be firm if you wish to eat elsewhere. Expensive with slow service. Usually uncrowded, so perfect for a long lazy lunch will lovely views.

How do I get there?

Bus from Marina Grande or Piazzetta

La Canzone del Mare



Via Marina Piccola 93
Tel: 081 8370104
Beach Hours:       Easter-End Sept    Mon-Sun     9.00-19.00
Restaurant Hours: Easter-End Sept   Mon-Sun     12.00-15.30
Cost Sunchair:                     E 20.00
        Sunchair & Umbrella E 30.00
Extras: 2 x Saltwater Swimming Pools.
Cocktail/drinks service available
Feedback: Little faded but lovely location. Food OK, expensive with slow service, cover charge for food E10.00 per person. Cocktail service available by pool and on beach.

How do I get there?
Bus to Marina Piccola:See Torre Saracena photo

Bagni di Maria-Bagni Internazionali 



Via Marina Piccola, 95
Tel: 081 837 0264
Restaurant Hours: May Sept Mon-Sun 12.00-till late
* please check,they quite often have fireworks etc
Cost Deckchair:                   E 16.00
       Sunchair                        E 19.00 including shower
      Sunchair & Umbrella     E 24.00
Feedback: 1st row at the beach is reserved for locals.The beach area is where you will find most of the sunchairs. Sunbathing also available on two terraces and the rooftop.You will be asked if you want to be in the shade or the sun.In the height of the season you are packed in like sardines and yes, the chairs touch!
How do I get there?
Bus to Marina Piccola:See Torre Saracena photo

Lo Scoglio delle Sirene



Via Mulo 77
Tel: 081 8370221
Hours Beach : Apr-End Sept Mon-Sun 9.00-18.30
Hours Restaurant : Lunch      Apr-Oct  Mon-Sun 11.00-16.00
                                Dinner    Jun-Aug                  17.00-23.00
Cost 2 xSunchairs & Umbrella E 47.00
Service variable. Some issues with pushy, aggressive staff. Food varies from very good to poor. Prefer payment in cash. Lovely location.

How do I get there?
Bus to Marina Piccola:See Torre Saracena photo

Da Gioia 


Via Mulo, 76
Tel: 081 8377702
Beach Hours: Easter-October (weather permitting)
Restaurant Hours: Lunch   Easter -Oct Mon-Sun 11.00 -15.00
                              Dinner Jun               Fri & Sat 7.30-00.00
                                          Jul                Fri,Sat & Sun "" ""
                                         Aug              Mon-Sun  "" ""
                                        Sept              Sat  "" ""
Feedback : Beautiful setting. Service variable. Food generally very good. Watch for the E 4.00 cover charge and tipping is appreciated.

How do I get there?
Bus to Marina Piccola:See Torre Saracena photo

Lido del Faro



Località Punta Carena
Tel: 081 8371798
Fax: 081.8372657
Hours  Beach : Easter-Late Oct    Mon-Sun 9.00 - dusk
**seasonal changes
Hours Restaurant : May-Sept Mon-Sun 12.00 until dusk.
Cost Sunchair:     E 25.00 inc entry, use of pool and shower
        Umbrella      E 6.00
       Towel            E 5.00
       Cabana Hire  E 35.00
Extras: Saltwater Swimming Pool, no kids after 3 pm in pool, Private sun decks. Drinks service available.
Snack bar available throughout the day.

Feedback: Special experience. Lovely food and service. Relaxed vibe. Spectacular setting. Wonderful choice for dinner, sunsets are spectacular. There are sea urchins on the rocks so be careful when bathing.Recommended.

How do I get there?
Bus from Anacapri, or by boat. Shuttle will take you from your boat to the beach club.

da Antonio snack bar/beach



Faro di Punta Carena
Tel: 081 8373255
Hours: Easter-End Sept Mon-Sun 9.00-18.00
*Dependant upon weather
Cost: Sunchair E 20.00
Extras: Locals come for free bathing with facilities like chair hire/snack bar etc.
            50's Style Classic Snack bar.
Feedback: Lovely low key vibe, excellent simple food. Stunning views. Good value.

How do I get there?
                                                                 Bus from Anacapri to Faro

Bagni di Gradola


Via Gradola, 8
Tel: 081 8371433
Beach Hours: Easter-End Sept Mon-Sun 9.00-18.30
Hours Restaurant: Lunch 12.00-15.30
                              Dinner Unknown
Cost Sunchair: E 15.00+
Extras: Organic menu available

How do I get there?
Bus to Grotta Azzurra                                      Keep following this pathway

                        Follow the arrow to your left 
Beach Club il Riccio



Private Beach Club : linked to Capri Palace Hotel.
Via Gradola, 4-6
Grotto Azzura
Tel: 081 837 1380
Fax: 081 837 1380
Cost: Sunchairs etc: FREE, but you MUST dine at the restaurant.
Extras: Bar service, restaurant, very high end.
Feedback: High end but expect to see fellow diners in beach clothing. Food variable given the cost.

How do I get there?
Bus to Blue Grotto and walk. Walk from Anacapri or by boat with shuttle service to club.See photos for Gradola

Club Nettuno Capri


Via Grotta Azzurra, 48
Tel: 081 8371362
Hours: Changes year to year.Some years they open as early as Easter,others as late as June.End of season is the same
Restaurant Hours: Lunch    12.00-16.00
                              Dinner   Reservation only
Entry inc Change Room, Shower, Matela, Chair:   E 22.00- E 30.00
Extras: Free Wifi
Feedback: Lovely saltwater swimming pool, (1x adults & 1 x Childrens).Stunning location. Recently renovated.Free wifi available. Fun, young vibe. Turns into a nightclub in the evenings. Cocktails, drinks etc.Set up as a full scale beach club,with fitness centre,
NB:Really difficult to get any info from them

How do I get there?
Catch the Grotta Azzura bus...the last stop

Swimming Pool 
da Gelsomina Migliera



Hotel with Public Swimming Pool
Via Migliara, 72
Tel: 081 837 1499
Fax: 081 837 1499
Hours: Mid May-End Sept    Mon-Fri   9.00-18.00
Extras: Lunch and Snack bar available
             Lunch service, umbrellas, chairs, pergolas
Feedback: Generally good quality food. Large restaurant with sometimes distracted service. Share pool area with hotel guests. Lovely location and pleasant 25 minute walk from Anacapri or take hotel shuttle Anacapri centre.

How do I get there?
Hotel shuttle bus from the port or from centre Anacapri. Email to confirm.20 minute walk from Anacapri.

How do I get there?
Local Bus Info 
            Marina Grande,Capri                                                               Via Roma,Capri                                                                    

Cost  Single 1,80 €
          Hourly 2,70 €
          Daily Ticket 8,60 €
Current Bus Timetable (Includes Marina Piccola)
Blue Grotto & Lighthouse Timetable
Marina Grande & Capri Timetable
                      Anacapri                                                                    Marina Piccola
                                                                                                        Toilets down stairs on right

Buses run every 15/20 minutes, more frequently in high season.
Capri-Anacapri -15 mins.
Capri-Marina Piccola - 10 mins.
Capri-Marina Grande - 10 mins.
Marina Grande-Anacapri 25 mins.
Marina Piccola-Anacapri - 25 mins.
Anacapri - Grotta Azzurra- 20 mins.
Anacapri - Faro Punta Carena - 20 mins
                         Faro Punta Carena                                                           Grotta Azzurra
                                                                                                                  Toilets to your left.
                                                                                                      Blue Grotto downstairs on the right