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Capri Laundry Services Overview

Capri Laundry Services


Capri does not have any self service laundromats "lavanderia a gettoni" on the island.They do have three laundries "lavanderia" where you are able to leave your wash,one of these also having a dry cleaning service.The two lavanderia have been on the island for years and service is normally very good with a prompt turn around time.The new kid on the block ,New Co L'Orchidea on Via Marina Grande opened in April 2012 and actually does all their dry cleaning on the island.Normal practice was to send it away to be cleaned in Naples.

Prices are surprisingly 
reasonable considering the strangle hold they have on the island,and happily most understand English.As with all facilities where you will leave your laundry,you must be clear about your washing & drying instructions.Do not be overly fussy or they will tune out,but if you are concerned about your Polo shirts shrinking then perhaps ask if they can put it on a cool dry and if you get one of those "you must be kidding looks" then ask for it to be folded wet into a bag so you can hang & dry in your hotel room.

If you only have a few bits and pieces that need laundering consider doing it in your room.You can come back to your room in the afternoon , wash , rinse and hang your stuff on the balcony,or lie on a table etc and by early evening find everything dry.Not only that,there is no need to iron ,just smooth out your clothes from the residue heat and hey presto your all done. Gotta love Capri

*European hotels as a general rule will not allow you the use of an iron and ironing board  in your hotel room.My understanding is that is has something to do with their fire regulations.Some hotels may ask you to sign a release form saying you accept responsibility for the use of the iron ,some may say yes if you are there long term or they feel they can trust you. Rest assured in Capri,they will say no.They will offer an ironing service for a mysterious cost! Bring your own travel iron,and save the hassle