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Capri Toilets Overview

Capri Toilets

Public Toilets
Capri has lots of public toilets that are clean and well maintained. The only catch is that you will have to pay either E 0.50 or  E:1.00 to use them. All are equipped with toilet seats so you can stay nice and comfortable. Don't be alarmed to find two imposing toilet attendants glaring at you upon entry. One works there, the other is her friend and they are merciless. Be sure to have loose change or they will throw you out without hesitation. They also take offence at you waiting outside for friends and have been known to chase hapless souls away from the toilet entrance! You can only laugh at this silliness because arguing is futile.

Disabled Facilities
The new toilets in Marina Grande have disabled toilets and showers. These new facilities have been specially designed for the disabled traveller and offer excellent accessibility. If you do find a problem, contact the Comune di Capri at


Baby Changing Facilities
You won't find any facilities in Anacapri but happily change rooms are available in Capri at the Giadini della Flora Caprense in the Centro Polivalente Mulit Purpose Centre and also in the new toilets at Marina Grande.

Hotels,Restaurants etc

Be aware that the innkeepers and restaurateurs of Capri can be brutal to non-guests when it comes to using their toilets, therefore they are not listed in the directory. The church wardens on the island behave the same way! The Christian spirit appears to have been extinguished when it comes to making their bathrooms available- even in emergencies.

Please note:If you are dining and need the loo, you may find that you are given a key and directions to a toilet bearing the name of the establishment some distance away. The toilets within the restaurants are usually clean, equipped with seats and located downstairs

*Next to the new toilet at Marina Grande you will find the newly installed ATM,the only one in the area