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Ischia Pharmacies Porto

Ischia Pharmacies

Open Sundays
Farmacia Sant' Anna
Via Michele Mazzella 203
Tel: 081 991624
Fax: 081 985089
Hours:   Mon-Sun 9.00-13.00    17.00-21.00 
NB: I have been informed that this pharmacy was open on Sundays in Summer . I am unable to confirm if they are also open in Winter. Please always double check
Disabled Access: No
Very Expensive: Check price in label with receipt

Parafarmacia FD-Pharma
Over the counter products
Via Alfredo De Luca n.1 - Piazza degli Eroi
Tel: 081 989616
Hours:  Mon-Sun 8.30-23.45 
Disabled Access: Yes, there is a ramped entrance

Farmasanitaria Isola Verde
Over the counter products
AKA: Parafarmacia Il Pettirosso
Via Roma 72
Tel: 081 985021
Hours:  Mon-Sun 9.00-13.00  16.00-20.30 
Disabled Access: No

Erboristeria Alchemilla
Herbal Products 
118, Via trav. Luigi Mazzella
Tel: 081 991762
Hours: Mon-Sun 9.00-21.00
Products Include: Organic food (Probios, Finestra sul Cielo, Ki); Phytotherapy (Aboca, Planta medica, Vital force); Floritherapy and advice for choosing the right Bach flowers for personal emotional rebalancing; Natural cosmetics (Erbolario, Helan, Planter's, Guam seaweed mud); Local cosmetics (Ischia Beauty, Caprischia and the line signed by Alchemilla)
Disabled Access: Difficult

Regular Hours
Farmacia Costable
Dott Tiziana
Via Acquedotto 83
Tel: 081 902634  
Hours:   Winter Mon-Fri                                     16.00-20.0
             Spring & Autumn Mon-Sat 9.00-13.00 16.30-20.30 
             Summer Mon-Sat              9.00-13.00 17.00-21.00 
Closed: Sun

Products Include: phytocosmetics; supplements; food supplements; products for celiacs.
Disabled Access: Yes

Farmacia Internazionale
Dott Paola Margaria
Via Alfredo de Luca 117
Tel:  081 3331275
       081 3334147
Hours:  Mon-Sat 9.00-13.00 16.00-20.00
Closed: Sun
Disabled Access: Yes

Farmacia Mirabella
Via Luigi Mazzella 119
Tel: 081 991237
Hours:  Mon-Sat 9.00-13.00 16.30-20.30
Closed: Sun
Products Include: organic food; foods for celiacs; diabetic foods; baby food; articles for babies and children; health articles; products for veterinary use; customized products; gluten-free products; slimming products; solar products; sun and tanning products.
Disabled Access: No

Over the Counter Products

Parafarmacia Il Pettirosso
Corso Vittorio Colonna 216
Tel: 081 982280
Disabled Access: No
Erboristeria/Herbal Products

Erboristeria Il Prato 
di Antonio Telese 
Via Michele Mazzella 167
Tel: 081 992116
Disabled Access: No