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Ischia Pharmacies...same as home, only different

Ischia Pharmacies
The same as home, just different!
Even at home I get confused when I walk into a pharmacy, not because I am disorientated with a cracking migraine, it’s the lay out. No matter where you go in the world, the pharmacy will sell the same basic items, mouthwash, soap, shampoo etc.  Its just that in a new place it will be in a different location.
Happily, for the local tourist the pharmacist & their staff on Ischia are eager to help, I know, shocking isn’t it. The main issue you will more than likely discover is language. Ischia is predominately visited by Germans & Russians, meaning that any second language that the pharmacist or staff maybe able to muddle through will be one of the latter. So, bring your language app with you.
So, lets get to the nut of your questions

Any open on Sundays?
Yes. Two are open every Sunday in summer only. One in the Porto area, the other in Forio d’Ischia. There are two open all year on a Sunday in the Porto area as well
What happens on a Sunday if I need a pharmacy not in the above areas?
You will need to locate a Farmacie di Turno. ( see below for details)

I have food allergies & am gluten intolerant?
You will be able to find some items in a Supermarket, Pharmacy or an Erboristeria.
What is an Erboristeria?
Basically a Erboristeria is a place where they sell herbal products, the one in the Porto area is well stocked with food items

How come I can’t buy some of this stuff in a supermarket?
The pharmacy guild still has a pretty tight hold over the pharmaceutical industry. I am not going to argue about whether this is good or bad, that’s just the way it is

Are they well stocked?
Yes, you will be able to grab all your basics. Obviously, the larger the store the deeper the range
Whats the difference between a Farmacie & Parafarmacie?
Parafarmacia sells over the counter products. You will find regular headache tablets, beauty products, band aids etc. 

That should just about cover it                                                                 
Farmacie di Turno-Italy
Vacations are short enough & for those of you that have a screaming migraine,a raging toothache or simply have a  child with colic, you do not want to add to the equation a website & a language you are not familiar with !You need a pharmacy & you need it now.
So what is Farmacie di Turno,well basically all pharmacies in Italy are on a roster so that on weekends & overnight you will find something in your area open.There is a surcharge if you attend a pharmacy  between the midnight - 8.00. It is normally around E 3.00

So with this in mind we have
A) Maps on our website with ALL permanently opened on Sundays or 24/7 pharmacies listed eg Rome 
B) links where possible directly to the pharmacies PagineGialle page...makes sense?
Our website covers in Italy ; Rome,Florence,Venice,Naples,Capri & Ischia
Firstly the PagineGialle homepage

Scroll straight down to the bottom of the page  & click where it says Farmacie: APERTURE
Which then takes you to this page
Here is the direct link 

Next step is easy just click on your preferred city
Above the ladies head type in your city,please make sure this is in Italian ie Roma.Then the day and date,again in Italian ie Domenica = Sunday and the date.To our American cousins Day and then Month  ie 25th Dec = 25/12.Next select the time you want.Remember to use the 24hr clock ie1.00pm =13.00.Finally click "Trova"

Remember if you see the word "Vincino a" this means "near me''
Another option  is Farmacie di turno
This site is really simple,just click onto the city

You then can choose day or night & the date

Which one is the best...well I like paginegialle,because I am just used to it.While I am aware there are some inaccuracies it basically is up to date.On each cities page we have also included any cheat notes eg  In Florence a pharmacy has  listed the farmacie di turno for the year,so we included the direct link.Anything to make your holiday as less complicated as possible!!
Remember :  we do the boring stuff so you don't have to!