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Ischia Supermarkets....yes they do exist!

Ischia Supermarkets
They do exist, but are normally well hidden
Ok, I am not going to bore you for hours about supermarkets & what you can purchase in them. Let’s face it, supermarkets are supermarkets. They all have bread, they all have milk & they all have sugar! As always, we have listed hours, whether they speak English, this is an island that normally has Russian & German visitors, so English isn’t a priority & whether any have International food products.
What I will tell you though, is the stuff you more than likely are asking yourself right now 

1.Some, not all are open on Sundays
2. Some, not all will be open on Sundays in Summer ie mid-July -August
3. The Carrefour store in the Sant ‘Angelo opens till late in Summer on Sundays 22.00
4. A few are well sign posted, others are up alley ways, down a tunnel or maybe in a building that looks like it will collapse in an earth tremor (hey it did happen to one!)
5.They all sell alcohol
6. Most will have a deli section of some description
7.There are less grocery style stores in the Barano area, they do exist, but there are not as many
8.Yes there are two small grocery stores in Sant 'Angelo ( see above pictures)
9.No, there are not any stand alone organic grocery stores (well, not that I could find) You will need to go to a regular supermarket or if you have major dietary concerns check out one of the larger pharmacies
10. The supermarket staff are normally happy, friendly & helpful. Yes, very surprising in this day & age!

That’s it
Have a great vacation
PS: There are some great bakeries on the island and yes they are listed as are fruit shops, butchers & fish shops , wine shops or anything else you may need to munch on