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Ischia Toilets Overview

Ischia Toilets



Public toilets are a mystery on this lovely island. Apparently it's reputation for caring for one's health and well being does not extend to the bladder!The one toilet we have been able to confirm is listed. You will have to pay and it is attended. All the others have been vandalised. Bored local kids, we guess.The private beaches have toilets, the public beaches have none as far as we know. Even if you manage to find one, avoid at all costs. It will likely be unmaintained.

public toilet at the dock

Fortunately the cafes and restaurants on the island are very relaxed about non customers using their facilities. Buy something anyway per person to let them know you appreciate their kindness. The nature of the island is such that hotel toilets are not really accessible so they are not listed.

Pagoda Park sadly locked