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Naples Laundry Services Overview

What does that mean?
Here are some basic signs you will see in a laundromat.
Lavanderia a gettoni                                               Laundromat / Coin Operated                                                                                
Lavanderia                                                              Laundry
Lavasecco or Tintoria                                             Dry Cleaners
Energico                                                                 Very hot wash
Caldo                                                                       Hot wash
Tiepido                                                                    Warm wash
Freddo                                                                     Cold wash
Delicato                                                                    Delicates
Sintentico                                                                 Synthetics
Stiratura                                                                   Ironing Service 
Servizio Cortesia                                                     Free Service
Lavaggio Igienizzato                                               Washing Sanitised
Detersivo e ammordidente incluso del prezzo        Soap & softener included


Keeping your clothes clean is one of the great challenges of travel. Go through your hotel and you pay through the nose. You can wash in your room, which is a good option for a small amount of washing, but if you have left things for a few days, have heavy stains or if there are children involved, you will need to seek out the nearest laundromat.


There are four " lavanderia a gettoni " or self service laundromats in Naples. You will find them in the Train Station area, Duomo area,  Santa Chiara & Santa Lucia/Chiaia areas in the directory. They are all closed Saturday afternoons and Sunday's and are attended. Drop off and pick up service is available and will normally take around 24 hrs. Prices are shown at the front of the laundromat and usually offer good value. Surprisingly, most offer free detergent and softener.  Also, disinfectant is used in  every wash. If you decide to leave your laundry with an attendant be sure to have the attendant write down the cost to avoid any nasty surprises. 


 written instructions are not always available in English,so bring a dictionary to help with that " Lost in Translation" feeling. Most of the machine cycles are 30 minutes. Drying times and costs will vary. If any of the laundromats you find have an extractor, that is, a super fast spinner, use it! Your drying time and associated costs will be cut in half. On a positive note, most of the laundromats have all new machines so the wash and dry cycle times have been decreased

photos: paul cox

Laundry Services

The "lavanderia"or laundry services are located all over Naples and the vast majority do not have a dry cleaning service. These can be quite difficult to locate as they are mainly "hole in the wall". Do not expect anyone to speak much English. You won't see a price list and may find they have closed earlier than expected or simply have taken the day off! However, service is normally very reliable. Locals regularly use these services with good reason because Neopolitan residences have limited space and facilities to properly launder your items. If you have specific instructions, please write your requirements in Italian and make sure you get a clear nod for verification that every detail has been understood. Do not underestimate the power of sign language either! Be clear whether you want your items returned on a coat hanger or in the bag you brought them. Otherwise, you may find everything wrapped in a brown paper bag secured with string, which is, when you think about it, a charming way to receive your laundry. Turnaround is normally 48 hours dependent
 upon season, month, public holidays etc. Costs will vary and you may find there is a local price and a tourist price. Confirm all prices before hand in writing. Do not lose your confirmation of the price or your receipt if you paid on arrival.  Turnaround time is roughly 48 hours depending on season, month, public holiday etc. Regardless, it is better to take a relaxed approach. This is Naples after all! 

                                              Dry Cleaning Services

Lavarie a Secco or Dry Cleaners are located in the general Lavenderias or are stand alone stores. Confusingly, they are all listed under the term 'Lavenderia" and even more confusingly are seldom listed or advertised as Tintorie/Laverie a Secco in the Yellow Pages or in online directories. The best advice for Dry Cleaning in Naples is to pop into a high end store and ask for a recommendation.