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Naples Post Offices Duomo Area (Spaccanapoli)

Naples Post Offices
Duomo Area
AKA: Spaccanapoli

Post Office
Napoli 1

Via della Maddalena 40
Tel: 081 5530031
Fax: 081 5530035
Hours: Mon-Fri 8.25-13.35
            Sat       8.25-12.35
Closed: Sun
Disabled Access: Small step at street entrance
Private Post Offices
Mail Express

AKA: cityposte
Via dei Cimbri 14
Tel: 081 200276 
Hours: Mon-Fri 8.00-14.00 15.00-19.00
           Sat         8.30-13.00
Closed: Sun
*Opening & closing hours change periodically by roughly half an hour or so.Updates
on their Facebook page
Disabled Access: No,stairs at entrance
Services Include: All of the usual stuff you would find in a regular post office plus financial services
Poste & Store 

AKA: Freedom SRL
Via Duomo, 186
Tel: 081.5789052
Disabled Access:  No
NB: Located in Tim
Services Include
Simple Mail
Registered Mail,Registered A/R,Urgent Registered
Registered On-Line 
Pick-up Companies,Advertising Material Delivery
Shipments of National & International parcels
Special Deliveries (Cycles & Motorcycles) 
Boxes Hiring Postal
Packaging Services