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Naples Toilets Overview

Naples Toilets


photo: Galuzzi

Italy is not known for its public toilets & Naples is no exception. The situation was looking up for a number of years ,but has since slipped back into the void of two only.There is the one on the Piazza Trieste e Trento & somewhere on the Corso Vittorio Emanuele (I still can't find it !) However,do not make the mistake of asking at a cafe, this is the south of Italy and cafe owners are utterly merciless. Buy a drink or a meal if you wish to use the facilities, no exceptions.
                                                                                                                                            photo: Corriere
Listen to the advice given to you in hotels and elsewhere, go before you leave for the day and practice crossing your legs! Locals are also frustrated by this situation. This failure to provide public toilets across the city impacts everyone.

Most toilets that are for public use public such as cafes and museums etc in Italy do not have the traditional plastic seat to which you are most likely accustomed. They just have the ceramic or steel bowl. Why? Easier to clean? Owners don't want the added expense? Men only use the bar? It is a mystery. Bring some tissue paper and some anti-bacterial hand wash/wipes because these items are often lacking. The flush button may not be where you expect to find it. It could be located on the back wall, on the side of the toilet or hanging on a chain above. Just look for a silver handle of some description, it will do the trick.

You may have heard horror stories about the Turkish style toilet or the infamous ‘hole in the ground’ style. Do not fear, these are few and far between. A number of alternatives have been listed to help you avoid this odious situation.
Fashion Stores

Larger retail fashion stores normally have toilets available. While this is not always the case,stores such as Zara and H&M have moved into the buildings once owned or leased by department stores. H&M has relocated into the old Rinascente store on Via Roma/Toledo, for example and thankfully it has public toilets available for use.

Larger bookstores in Italy tend to have bathroom facilities available. You can usually walk in and use them without any bother. Occasionally you maybe charged a nominal fee

Cafes,Fastfood and Restaurants

Remember, this is Naples and the natives are merciless. Use a hospitality toilet at your own peril. Always check they have a toilet and that it is not a Turkish style one, before buying anything. You will often find a sign attached to the coffee machine that sternly states “No toilets are available for tourists!”

McDonald’s and Burger King may or may not have the door locked and you maybe accosted by a spotty youth asking to see your receipt or to pay E0.50 into the tip jar



Public bathrooms in large hotels are usually available in the lobby area/near the bar or restaurant. Some hotel bathrooms will have an attendant and a tip is expected. We have listed the hotels but as with restaurants etc, discretion is the better part of valour in this case. Because of security issues, staff in larger hotels watch every person who enters like a hawk. You could always just ask, sometimes politeness has an impact and you will be directed to the facilities.


Museums & Galleries


All museums and galleries have toilet facilities available for visitors. Some are attended and some are not. Plastic seats are not always available in Naples so take care when sitting down! Happily the toilets in the Palazzo Reale museum did have a plastic seat the last time we visited! Miracles can happen. Always use the toilet prior to leaving. It will help avoid any emergencies that may blight your day.


Most churches have toilet facilities available but you need to find the church warden to ask permission. It is usually given and a small donation in the collection box is appreciated.

Disabled Facilities
Disabled toilets are few and far between in Naples. Happily, toilet cubicle styles do tend to be much larger allowing some movability. On a brighter note you will not be charged to use a toilet in a museum or gallery. Cafes and restaurant owners will also allow you to use their facilities without any dramas as will hotels. Plan your day ahead to make sure all your bases are covered.

Baby Changing Facilities

You will find Baby Changing Facilities at the ferry terminal Molo Beverollo. Unfortunately, that's it :(

Train Stations

To the chagrin of the Neapolitans,the eleven toilets located throughout the metro system are either waiting to be repaired, broken or vandalised. Commuters are still waiting at a number of stations to have their toilets upgraded and those with toilets are locked and bolted. The only operational toilets are at Naples Central Station on Piazza Garibaldi.

The “vandal proof” automatic toilets that had been installed along the line of the Naples No 1 Metro System have their own problems. Nothing is vandal proof in Naples!   Naples Toilets Overview