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Naples Toilets Santa Lucia/Chiaia Area

Naples Toilets
Santa Lucia Area
Public Toilet
Piazza Trieste e Trento

photo: repubblica


Hours:   Mon-Sun 8.30-15.40
Cost:  E 0.50
Disabled Facilities:  Technically yes,except that the chair lift is quite often broke
La Feltrinelli


Book & Music Store
via Santa Caterina a Chiaia, 23
Tel: 081.2405411 , 199.151.173
Fax: 081 2405450
Hours:  Mon-Sun 9.00-21.00
Toilet Located:  Level -1 near the cafe
Disabled Facilities:  No
Royal Continental Hotel



Via Partenope 38
Tel: 081 245 2068
Toilet Located:  Lobby Level . It was a while ago...but I remember it being on your
right near the bar
Disabled Facilities: No
Grand Hotel Vesuvio



Via Partenope, 45
Tel: 081 764 0044
Toilet Located:  Walk past reception,up the 2 or 3 stairs and walk past the small table on your right.They are just through the archway
Disabled Facilities: No
Grand Hotel Santa Lucia


Via Partenope, 46
Tel: 081 7640666
Fax: 081 7648580
Toilet Located: Level -1. Near business centre ,
                       Ground floor  near the elevator
                       Level 1 near the Fitness Centre .
Disabled Facilities: Unable to confirm
Hotel Excelsoir



Via Partenope 48
Lungomare Caracciolo
Tel: 081 764 0111
Toilet Located:  Level -1near the meeting room Access via elevator or stairs behind reception.
Disabled Facilities: No,but they are large bathrooms. Access via stair lift chair or elevator. Difficult to access hotel as there are stairs at entrance


Hotel Exe Majestic



Largo Vasto a Chiaia, 68
Tel: 081 416500
Toilet Located:Under the stairs. In the lobby area,walk past reception towards the breakfast room.It is just past the elevator on your left
Disabled Facilities: No


Supermarket,Cafe & restaurant
Via Alabardieri,8/11
Tel:  081 794 41 31
        366 336 66 54
Hours:  Caffetteria   Mon-Sat 8.00-23.30
                                Sun      8.30-16.00
Toilet Located:  Unable to confirm. Level -1 from what I gather its roughly at the back
Disabled Facilities: Unknown

Birdy's Bakery


American( US) style bakery
Vico Belledonne a Chiaia, 14b
Tel: 081 497 6400
Hours:  Mon & Tue 7.00-21.00
            Wed & Thur 7.00-23.00
            Fri & Sat     7.00-02.00
           Sun             7.00-01.00
Toilet Located: Upstairs
Disabled Facilities: No
Palazzo Reale

Royal Palace
Piazza Plebiscito
Tel: 081 580 8111
Hours:  Mon-Sun 9.00-20.00
Closed: Wed
Cost:  Adult E 4.00
          Concession E 3.00 Toilet Located:        1) The entrance,Sala Dai
                                2) Ground Floor near the giardini del Palazzo Reale
Disabled Facilities: 1)  The entrance,Sala Dai
                    2) Ground Floor near the giardini del Palazzo Reale
Museo Pignatelli

Riviera di Chiaia, 200
Tel: 081 761 2356
Hours:  Wed-Mon  8.30-17.00
Closed: Tue
Cost:  Adult E 5.00  
Concession  E 2.00   
Toilet Located: Not specified.Told they were very clean
Disabled Facilities: No

Disabled Toilet
Biblioteca Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele III


Piazza del Plebiscito, 1
Tel: 081 781 9111
Hours:  Mon-Fri 8:30 to 19:30
            Sat 8:30 to 13:30
Closed: Sun
Toilet Located:  As below,but access will be readily available for those in a wheelchair
Disabled Facilities: The accessible toilets are located on the ground floor at the entrance of the Library: contact the library staff to use them
To be admitted to the library, you must:
1)Over 16 yrs (there are exceptions)
2)present an identity document
3)Leave all your stuff at the front desk
4)pick up a numbered entry card
You can also get the required paper work to enter from the Palazzo Reale.Rules are generally a lot looser for those in a wheelchair, regardless of

Baby Changing Facilities
Hotel Excelsoir



Via Partenope 48
Lungomare Caracciolo 
Tel: 081 764 0111
Baby Changing Facilities: Not technically baby changing, but they do have a large flat bench top. Please be discrete, this is near the meeting

rooms. Level -1near the 
meeting room Access via elevator or stairs behind reception.