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Naples Toilets Train Station Area

Naples Toilets
Train Station Area
Public Toilet
Napoli Centrali

Train Station
Cost: E 1.00
Hours: Mon-Sun 8.00-22.00
Toilet Located: Level -1
Disabled Facilities: Yes

Semi Public
Shopping Centres/Galleries

Conad,Expert ,OVS & cafe

Via Nuova Poggioreale, 19, or Via Nuova del Campo, 19
Hours:  Mon-Sat 8.00-20.00
             Sun        8.00-14.00
Toilet Located: Unsure of exact location,but have been informed they used the loo
when they went shopping!
Disabled Facilities: No                      

Decathlon & Coop Stores

Via Arenaccia, 170 or Via Colonnello Carlo Lahalle, 3,
Hours: Mon-Sun 9.30-20.30
Toilet Located: On both levels 
Disabled Facilities: Unconfirmed Yes

Via Acquaviva Matteo Andrea 20
Tel: 081266981
Hours: Mon-Thur  8.30 - 13.30 16.30 - 20.30
            Fri & Sat   8.30 - 20.30
            Sun           9.00-13.00
Toilet Located:  Behind the fruit & veg ,at the back of the store
Disabled Facilities:  Yes


Piazza Garibaldi 39-43
Tel: 081 5636259
Fax: 081 5634161
Hours:  Mon-Fri    7:30-22:00
            Sat & Sun 7:30-24:00
Toilet Located: Next to the counter ,on your left.NB: The door is now LOCKED.You
must have a receipt from a purchase.Key available from staff.If it is very busy you
may find that it is unlocked
Disabled Facilities: Yes
Hotel Una

Piazza Garibaldi 9/10
Tel: 081 5636901
Fax: 081 5636972 
Toilet Located: Head towards the stairs on your right in the lobby & head up the
stairs,The toilets are on the Mezzanine ( Piano Ammezzato.At the top of the
stairs,opposite the two meeting rooms Marinara & Margherita
Disabled Facilities: Nothing specific,large cubicles.Nothing to inhibit access

Ramada Naples

Via Galilro Ferraris 40
Tel: 081 360 2111
Toilet Located: Downstairs near the meeting rooms and in the lobby 
Disabled Facilities: Yes
Hotel ibis Styles Napoli Garibaldi

Via Giuseppe Ricciardi, 33
Tel: 081 690 8111
Fax: 081 5635906
Toilet Located: In the lobby,near the bar.
Disabled Facilities: No