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Loo, loo, skip the the loo....

Why do I love Paris?
Well there are a number of reasons I love Paris, but let me tell you the fact that there are plenty of loos around is one of the reasons why I  adore the place. I know what you are thinking, but I’ve been to a lot of cities & have wasted a lot of my holiday looking for that mythical loo. The “Tardis”  For those of you that have seen Dr Who, will know what I am alluding to. The Sanisette or Automatic Toilet. There are over 400 of these grey beasts spread across the city.They are self cleaning , free to use , ecofriendly, disabled friendly & some are even open 24/7! Yes they do break down, no system is perfect, but at least they have them & more importantly we have listed nearby alternatives! Is it easy to use?
Simple answer yes, like anything new you come across it can look a little daunting at first.To use, check the indicator located outside to see if the Sanisette is occupied. If not, press the button and the door will open automatically. The area will be…