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Too much good food & wine....maybe you need to detox with some organic groceries?

Organic supermarkets and smaller grocery stores can be found in every arrondissement.They are all well stocked do include  gluten free bread,sulphur free wine,cheese,cold cuts,pills & potions and everything else you would expect to see in a regular grocery store. Some names to look out for are  Naturalia, La Vie Claire, The Bio Co-op Collective and Les Nouveaux Robinson.
Some smaller independent stores include: 
Magasin Un Monde Vegan,located in the heart of the Marais in the 3 arrondissement.As the name suggests it is not only organic but vegan.Happily it is quite large and well stocked and does include gluten free products . In the 6 arrondissement is the luxe organic store Hedonie that stocks over 3000 items.

The new Bobo sensation Causses is located in the 9 arrondissement. It carries everything from gluten free to everyday vegetarian but make sure you are dressed appropriately. Organic everything applies here right down to your carbon neutral shopping basket!
In the 12 arrondissement, Pimlico stocks a large range of products, including a selection of free range wines. Sulpher free and Kosher wines can also be found in the 17th arrondissement in Meilleurs Vin Bio.
Le Carrillon d'Olivier is one of the oldest organic stores in the city and can be found in the 18th arrondissement. You will find almost every organic product imaginable which accounts for it's extremely loyal clientele.
The directory also includes health food stores that sell a range of organic, gluten free and vegan products. On a Sunday, when most smaller stores are closed, remember to check out the Indian food section of your local supermarket. Hindu's do not eat meat therefore this section will offer a wide variety of vegetarian choices.
You will find organic bakeries in many arrondissements but perhaps not as many as you would expect.The best by far would be in La Boulangerie-Veronique Mauclerc in the 19 arr. Everything baked in the original wood fired ovens from the turn of last century! Well worth a visit.For those of you who are Kosher there are two bakeries (Sareden) that are also located in the 19arr.
Organic open air markets can be found through out the city,most offer good quality products with prices to match! Don't forget the humble supermarket that will have an organic section,just look for the word "Bio" on the label.Many of the smaller stores also will know the provenance of the food supplied with many stores sourcing locally.On the whole if you are looking for organic,vegetarian or vegan products throughout the city you should be Rome that's another story!

For those with a Gluten Intolerance
Association Francise des Intolerants au Gluten (A.F.D.I.A.G)
2 Rue de Vouille

Tel: 01 56 08 08 22