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Paris Pharmacies...yeah, just like the ones back home, just a little different...

Travel headache. An annoying condition that appears at the worst possible moment when you are out and about on holiday. You have a whole day planned and now that cracking pain in your temple is threatening to ruin everything. You need to know the location of the nearest pharmacy and you need to know it fast. Check the pharmacy category on this site for your chosen city and your problem will be solved.

Pharmacies are a revelation in Paris. You will find them throughout every arrondissement and they offer everything from beauty products to highly personalised medical advice. Pharmacists in France are very highly trained and are able to prescribe treatments that are usually only prescribed by a doctor in other parts of the world. Some may insist that you see a doctor first, particularly if you are unfamiliar to them, but others may choose to give you antibiotics if you have a cold, a puffer for asthma, or a very strong pain killer if you have a migraine without a medical script. It is entirely at their discretion. If you are in need of this type of treatment, go to a pharmacy in a tourist centre such as the 8th, 3rd, 4th or 6th arrondissements. At least one member of staff will speak english and the pharmacist is more than likely to prescribe for you.
Aromatherapy is not a niche treatment in France. It is a normal part of medical therapy. Do not be surprised if a treatment featuring aromatherapy is offered to you first. 
These types of treatments can be highly effective therefore it is worthwhile listening to the advice of the pharmacist before dismissing the offer.Lavender oil, for example is perfect for burns and as a disinfectant. If you decide against this, be polite but firm when requesting more traditional medicine. The staff sincerely wish to help you and will do all they can to alleviate your condition.
The Pharmacists Association have a tight control over pharmaceuticals so if a product has any medical purpose at all, you will likely only find it in a pharmacy. Even something as benign as dental floss can only be purchased there! Unlike in Italy, UK and US medications cannot be sold in French pharmacies because they have not been tested by the French version of the FDA. This means that you will not find familiar products like Tylenol in France.Be sure to let your pharmacist know if you have an allergy eg if you are asthmatic ask for pain medication that does not contain aspirin