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Paris Toilets 19 arr

Paris Toilets
La Villette
19 ème Arrondissement

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Open 24/7


3 Rue Botzaris                                                                   54 Rue Botzaris


26 Avenue Corentin Cariou                                                        25 Avenue de Flandre


69-75 Avenue de Flandre                                                        215-217 Avenue Jean Jaurès


52-54 Quai de la Loire                                                                           29 Rue Manin


45 Avenue Simon Bolivar                                                    116 Rue du Faubourg du Temple


1 Boulevard de la Villette                                                61 Boulevard de la Villette


196 Boulevard de la Villette                                               9 Avenue de la Porte de la Villette 

Open 06.00-01.00


Place de Bitche/Rue de Crimée                                               57-59 Quai de la Seine

Open 06.00-22.00


Boulevard d'Algerie                                             152 Rue d'Aubervilliers


Place de la Bataille de Stalingrad                                              249-251 Rue de Belleville


7 Rue de Cambrai                                                Place du Colonel Fabien


1 Rue de Crimée , Place des Fêtes                                                          92 Rue Curial


60 Avenue de Flandre                                                       100 Avenue de Flandre


177 Avenue de Flandre                                               107 Avenue Jean Jaurès


2 Rue de Joinville                                                         4 Avenue de Laumière


72 Quai de la Loire                                                        29 Avenue Mathurin Moreau


14 Rue Meynadier                                                        3 Boulevard Ney


3 Avenue de la Porte d'Aubervilliers                                          19 Avenue de la Porte Brunet


25 Boulevard de la Villette                                   118 Boulevard de la Vilette

220 Boulevard de la Villette

Stuck in the toilet?
Tel: 01 30 79 79 79
Government Buildings
Mairie du 19e arrondissement
Mairie du 19e

5-7, place Armand Carrel 
Tel:  01 44 52 29 19
Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30-17.00
           Thur 8.30-19.30
           Sat 9.00-12.30
Closed: Sun 
Toilets Located:  In the 1st floor.Take the stairs on the left handside as you enter.It is an acknowledged public loo!
Disabled Facilities:  No
Archives de Paris

18 Bd Sérurier
Tel:  01 53 72 41 23
Fax: 01 53 72 41 34
Hours:  Mon 13.30-17.30
            Tue-Fri 9.30-17.30
            Sat 9.30-17.00
Closed: Sun & Public Holidays
Toilets Located:  Just past the entrance on your right,behind the stairs
Disabled Facilities:  Unknown
Bibliothèque Place des Fêtes

18 Rue Janssen
Tel: 01 42 49 55 90
Hours:  Adult: Tue,Thur,Fri 13.00-19.00
                       Wed 11.00-19.00
                       Sat 11.00-18.00
Closed: Sun-Mon
Toilets Located:  These are quite well hidden by book shelves in the small reading room.
Disabled Facilities: Unconfirmed Yes
Bibliothèque Fessart

6 Rue Fessart
Tel: 01 42 08 49 15
Hours:  Adult: Tue,Thur,Fri 13.00-19.00
                      Wed, 10.30-17.30 Sat 13.00-18.00
Closed: Sun-Mon
Toilets Located:  Walk past the entry desk to the end of the entry to find the discrete toilets
Disabled Facilities: No
Bibliothèque Claude Lévi-Strauss

41 Avenue de Flandre
Tel:  01 40 35 96 46
Hours:  Tue -Fri 13.00-19.00
             Sat 10.00-18.00
Closed: Sun-Mon
Toilets Located: At the end of the reading room on your right
Disabled Facilities: Yes
Bibliothèque-Discothèque Hergé

2 Rue du Département
Tel: 01 40 38 18 08
Hours:   Tue,Thur,Fri 13.00-18.30
             Wed 10.00-13.00 14.00-18.00
             Sat 10.00-18.00
Closed: Sun-Mon
Toilets Located: On the right as you enter
Disabled Facilities: Unconfirmed yes
Bibliothèque Benjamin Rabier-Flandre

Childrens Library
141, Avenue de Flandre
Tel: 01 42 09 31 24
Hours:  Tue & Thur 16h00 à 18h30
             Wed & Sat  10h00 à 13h00 et de 14h00 à 18h00
              Fri 13.30-18.30 
Closed: Sun & Mon
Toilets Located:  This is 3rd hand. Straight in front of you as you enter, on your left
Disabled Facilities: Unknown
Hôtel Forest Hill Paris - La Villette


28ter Avenue Corentin Cariou
Tel: 01 44 72 15 30
Fax: 01 44 72 15 80
Toilet Located:  On the entry level & upstairs on Level 1, both are near the entrance  to the Hippopotamus restaurant. This hotel is always buzzing 
with tourists & conference people
Disabled Facilities: No
Hotel ibis Paris La Villette Cité des Sciences 19ème


31-35, quai de l'Oise
Tel: 01 40 38 04 04
Fax: 01 40 38 58 01
Toilet Located: Level -1. Access via stairs opposite reception or elevators opposite the entrance
Disabled Facilities: Yes

Holiday Inn Express Paris - Canal de la Villette


68 Quai De La Seine, Zac Du Bassin De La Villette
Tel: 01 44 65 01 01
Toilet Located:  Entry Level opposite reception , next to the Business  Corner & near the Conference Rooms
Disabled Facilities: Yes on both levels 

Hôtel Restaurant Campanile Paris La Villette



147-151 Avenue de Flandre
Tel: 01 44 72 46 46
Toilet Located:  In the corridor behind the restaurant.
Disabled Facilities:  Yes

353 Rue de Belleville
Porte des Lilas
Tel: 01 42 39 14 14
Hours:  Mon-Thur  7.30-02.00
             Fri             7.30-06.00
             Sat            9.00-06.00
             Sun           9.00-02.00
Toilet Located: Level -1. Despite the recent renovations the toilets like the rest of the place are very much unmaintained. Door lock is broken so you 
won't have to worry about codes! 
Disabled Facilities:  No
Extras: Free Wifi


3 Allée Darius Milhaud
Tel: 01 42 03 73 12
Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00-23.00
Toilet Located:  Level 1 & maintenance blows hot & cold
Disabled Facilities: No
Extras: Free Wifi

87 Avenue de Flandre
Tel: 01 40 36 28 04
Hours:  Mon-Sun 9.00-00.00
Toilet Located:  At the back on your right, and as far as I am aware there isn't a door code or jeton required....of course things can change. The 
picture below shows the newly renovated toilet, needless to say, it is no longer as clean as this...bring your own loo paper! 
Disabled Facilities:  No
Extras: Free Wifi



208 Avenue Jean Jaurès
Tel: 01 42 45 40 12
Hours:  Sun-Thur 9.00-00.00
             Fri & Sat 9.00-01.00  
Jeton:  Yes if the lock on the door is not broken. You will need to show your receipt to the staff to receive a jeton . Unfortunately it will cost you E 
0.50 for the indignity of using a filthy toilet !  
Toilet Located:  On the right handside before the counter
Disabled Facilities: Technically Yes 
Extras: Free Wifi



2 Avenue Secrétan
Tel: 01 42 06 15 50
Hours:  Sun-Thur 7.30-02.00
            Fri & Sat 7.30-04.00
Cost:  E 0.50. You will have to show proof of purchase ie your receipt at the counter & the staff will give you a jeton/token to use.
Toilet Located:  Level -1 . The door is a bit dodgy so make sure you go with a friend to guard the door! Not the cleanest of toilets
Disabled Facilities:  No
Extras: Free Wifi

1 Avenue Simon Bolivar
Tel: 01 42 06 89 62
Hours:  Sun -Wed 8.00-00.00
            Thur-Sat 8.00-01.00
Toilet Located:  I have been told that they are beyond the McDonalds 
Disabled Facilities:  No
Extras:  Free Wifi
Parks,Gardens & Squares
Jardin Serge Gainsbourg


9 Avenue de la Porte des Lilas
Hours:   Mon-Sun 8.00-21.30 *Seasonal Changes
Toilet Located:  Near the childrens/teenagers play area,Somewhere near the
basketball court in a wooden cabin,I ws told it had a pointy roof
Disabled Facilities: Unknown
Parc des Buttes

Located in the park near                                                                     Avenue Michal

                                                                                                  Avenue Jacques de Liniers

                                                                                                     Avenue Mathurin Maurin
Hours:  Mon-Sun 7.00-22.00*Seasonal Changes
Disabled Facilities:  No
NB: No seat,no toilet paper,no soap & uni sex !
Parc de la Villette

1. allee du zenith
Hours: Unknown
Toilet Located:  On a path that leads tp the  Grande Hall,I believe it was red building
Disabled Facilities: Yes ,but maybe missing the transfer bar

2. jardin des vents et des dunes
Hours: Unknown
Toilet Located:  Near the corner of Galerie de la Vilette,near Allee du Belvedere.Red
building,just beyond the childrens playground
Baby Changing Facilities: Yes
Disabled Facilities: Yes ,but maybe missing the transfer bar

3. Folie kiosque à musique..
Hours: Unknown
Toilet Located: Near the Marquee in a red building
Disabled Facilities: Yes ,but maybe missing the transfer bar
Square Claude Bernard

Rue Jacques Duchesne
Hours: Mon-Sun 8.00-21.30*Seasonal Changes
Toilet Located: In a wooden cabin , next to the childrens playground
Disabled Facilities: No
Parc de la Butte-du-Chapeau-Rouge
5 avenue Debidour
Hours: Mon-Sun 8.00-21.30*Seasonal Changes

1. In an old brick building,near where they normally have summer events.They were  dire,but I did hear they had a bit of a "do over"
Disabled Facilities: No

2. Unconfirmed: Near the childrens playground
Disabled Facilities: No
Square Monseigneur-Maillet

Place des fêtes 
Hours: Mon-Sun 8.00-21.30 * Seasonal Changes
Toilet Located:  Near the childrens playground in a wooden cabin
Disabled Facilities: No
Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie


Science Museum
30 avenue Corentin Cariou
Tel:  01 85 53 99 74
Cost:   Basic:  Full price: 12 €                                                             
           Reduced price: 9 €                                   
Hours : Tue-Sat  10.00-18.00
             Sun 10.00-19.00
Closed: Mon
Annually: Jan 1st , May 1st , Dec 25th
Toilets Located: On every level
Baby Changing Facilities: Yes. On the entry level near the childrens exhibition areas
Disabled Facilities: Yes. From what I gather all toilets on all levels have disabled facilities


La Géode


I-Max Theatre
Parc de la Villette
26 avenue Corentin Cariou
Tel: 01 40 05 79 99
Hours: Mon-Sun 10.30-18.30
Toilet Located:  In the Great Hall on your left.
Disabled Facilities:  Unconfirmed yes
Cité de la musique-Philharmonie de Paris



Museum of Music 
221 Avenue Jean Jaurès
Hours:   Tue-Fri 12.00-18.00
              Sat & Sun 10.00-18.00
Closed: Mon,Dec 25,Jan 1 & May 1 
Toilet Located:   Level 1 .Walk past reception to the bar.You will find a staircase in there that will lead you up to Level 1 
Disabled Facilities:  Level 2 & 4
Cimetière de la Villette


46 Rue d'Hautpoul
Hours:  Mon-Sun 8.30-17.30
Toilet Located:  In the building on your left handside as you enter
Disabled Facilities:  No
Baby Changing Facilities
Parc de la Villette

Jardin des vents et des dunes
Hours: Unknown
Baby Changing Located:  Near the corner of Galerie de la Vilette,near Allee du Belvedere.Red building,just beyond the childrens playground
Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie


Science Museum
30 Avenue Corentin Cariou
Tel: 01 85 53 99 74
Cost:  Basic: Full price: 12 € 
           Reduced price: 9 € 
Hours:  Tue-Sat 10.00-18.00
              Sun 10.00-19.00
Closed: Mon
Annually: Jan 1st , May 1st , Dec 25th 
Baby Changing Located: Entry level on your left