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The Local Corner Shop, Parisian Style

In France, Alimentations are traditional corner stores selling a variety of food and vegetable items. Like corner stores everywhere, they range in size, hours and price. Some stores can seem small and dowdy from the outside only to reveal an enormous Aladdin’s cave of exotic food and spices inside. Others are less enchanting and overpriced. The trick is to always step inside to know for sure.
As most alimentations are family run businesses, most operating hours vary widely. As a general rule, they will be open on Sundays and close Mondays. In tourist areas, the hours may extend for the Summer season and you will find late night openings in entertainment areas.
Alimenations can also be known as an Epicerie,these though are generally smaller .They vary in hours, size and depth of stock but you should be able to grab the basics without any problems.
Superettes, smaller versions of supermarkets, often advertise themselves as alimentations and alimentations will often describe themselves as epiceries. Confused yet? It doesn't really matter because all of them with the exception of Epicerie Fine, will stock the most essential items. Epicerie Fine stores specialise in cheeses, olive oil, smoked salmon etc. They are an excellent option if you are planning a special meal.  

If you are looking for Japanese cuisine, be sure to visit the 2nd arrondissement. Stores such as Kioko, K- Mart, Juyi-Ya, Ace Market and Ace Opera offer a wide variety of Japanese produce and ready prepared meals. G.Detou, also in the 2nd arrondissement offers you an alternative to the usual touristy gifts. The canned food goods are beautifully designed and they sell chocolate by the kilo.
For a luxe food shopping experience, make your way to the Place de la Madeleine and stop in at Hediard and Fauchon. They are expensive, but the people watching and variety of choice make the experience worthwhile
If you are suffering homesickness, the following stores will ease your gastronomic pain.
L'Epicerie Anglais in the 3rd and 10th arrondissements for products from the USA and UK.
Thanksgiving in the 4th arrondissement for grocery and baking items from the USA.
The Real McCoy in the 7th arrondissement for products from the USA. This store also offers a dining option.

You really are spoilt for choice in Paris. Every arrondisement offers specialist stores serving the immigrant communities that live in the area. For example; the 13th arrondissement offers plenty of Asian alimentations and the 18th arrondissement is where you will find food that caters to the local African community. Kosher food can be found in the traditionally Jewish areas of the  4th,9th,17th &20th arrondissements