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Really Rome...what is going on with the public loos?

As I have said on numerous occasions, I feel as though I spend my whole life trying to figure out if the public loos in Rome are still open or if they have closed.Well, it is with regret that I must inform you that they have all re-closed.Yes all of them , even those spiffy new ones they spent millions of Euros on.

As most of you are aware I despise double handling & honestly I would rather work on my other updates (Nice, France) rather than re-write this.......It is a google translation

ROME - "In October 2018, at the end of the double object competition, already published, all the management of the bathrooms will be entrusted to the company that will win along with the maintenance". This was announced by the Councilor for the Environment of Rome Capitale, Pinuccia Montanari, on the occasion of the meeting of the Capitoline Commission Public Works convened by President Alessandra Agnello (M5S) on the theme of public baths in the city, to "take stock of the jubilee interventions , which saw the redevelopment of 8 public toilets with a budget of over 1 million euros ".
Currently, most of the public baths in the historic center - except in practice only that of Piazza Vittorio - are closed due to the absence of managers: among these are the 8 baths on which we have intervened with the jubilee funds, and the another 11 under renovation with the Tourism department 2013 race. On all of Rome, the structures used as a public bathroom, between underground and masonry, are 57.
As explained Montanari, "the problem is the bridge situation until the completion of the race and we are also thinking with Ama how to intervene to overcome this phase. In 2018, when the race will be completed, the bathrooms will be part of the double object competition. We have 540 thousand euros for this transition period, we will solve the question very quickly or with Ama or a small bridge race ".
As explained by Valentina Cocco, Head of Social Construction at Simu, "the management competence is of the Environment department, with service contracts with Ama. On the threshold of the Jubilee the contract was expiring and there were no funds for renewal, so since then many baths have been closed due to structural problems such as infiltrations, since they are almost all hypogeal structures, and they were identified those could have interest for the Jubilee. The 1,234 million euro tender involved 8 bathrooms: Piazza Risorgimento, Colosseum, via Ripetta, Gianicolo, Porta Cavalleggeri, Castel Sant'Angelo, Salita del Pincio, San Paolo. We have also drastically solved even serious situations, but remain fragile structures subject to moisture that require maintenance.
The same situation for the "project financing tender called by the Tourism Department in 2013 for the renovation of another 11 baths and the construction of tourist information points in each of them: the race was completed but there were difficulties to sign the convention with the contractors and the services conference, but we are at the final stages. Two are concluded, City Leonine and Spain, then in two months we will also have Zanardelli, San Giovanni, Carlo Felice and Sonnino. We hope to open them soon ", concluded architect Cocco.
SEPTEMBER 18, 2017

So as you can see, the loos will all be closed again until Oct 2018, when yet another mystery company will take them over & cross fingers they will remain open longer than a couple of months.With that in mind check out all our maps on this blog so you can find alternatives :)  
NB The public toilets within the Vatican are NOT affected by these closures