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Travelling to France? To SIM in France or not to SIM that is the question

Well folks sorry to tell you, I am no expert with international phone plans, neither am I an expert in US ,UK , Aust or any other world telco plans.What I can do is direct you to the page you will want to look at before you head over to France & perhaps from there to rest of Europe. Below are the big 3 in France: Bouyuges, Orange & SFR. These guys have stand alone stores & may or may not have English speaking staff. ( Good news though, if you can find your self a young hipster in store you will more than likely find an English speaker…it is now tres chic  to speak English so take advantage of this phenomena)

If you are wondering why I have done a step by step guide it is because I have learnt from bitter experience that websites update their offers quite regularly & and therefore links change and there is nothing more annoying than clicking onto a dead link ! So hopefully this will gives you an idea on what to look for if you decide to check things out for yourself or if things have changed.

Orange is the only one I have found with an English page ( no it was not easy to find) , but if you have a translation on your web browser it will be easy to follow. SFR was one that has the most minimum information on their website.

I do realise there are a plethora of other companies in France that offer sim cards (Lebara , Lycamobile & Free just to name a few) as well as mobile wifi hotspots devices (I do know that the tourist offices St Raphael in the South of France offers them to tourists for nix). Consider this a starting point for your French holiday adventure

So without any further delay, lets go

Click onto "mobile" 

then click onto the happy lady in the centre " Choisir un forfait "

you will then see this which does look horrifying & confusing...

don't panic scroll down to this & click onto "En savoir plus sur l'international"

 and you will find this...yes it is all very long winded!

This is the whole page in English. Go to the bottom of the page & click onto "Découvrir Orange Holiday" 

  Lucky you we are nearly at the English page!

Now choose your option,I will show Orange Holiday, the rest is now in English

How to  get to the sim card information
On the main page slide over mobile & then click on the drop down list  "Cartes prépayées"

then you will find yourself on this page....remember it will be in french , the below is in French 

Direct link to the above page 

To find out about mobile hotspots

On the main page slide over mobile & then click on the drop down list "Hotspots et tablettes 4G"

you will find yourself here

Click onto one of the options 
and this will come up, again this has been translated


On the main page slide over mobile & then click on the drop down list "Cartes prépayées"

and you then end up on this page

( this has been translated)

this is pretty much it 

now for mobile wifi spots

 takes you here 

Let me be frank...this website is as clear as mud! 

I hope all this helps to take some of the stress out of your vacation

Remember: Whether its business or pleasure , we do the boring stuff so you don't have to! 

NB: Found any grammar or spelling mistakes?  That could be because I am now cooking a second batch of Brownies! Merry Christmas