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and so it has commenced...St Tropez-Pampelonne beach club /restaurants being demolished

AKA: Boy, am I thankful I didn't update the beach this year! 

It has finally started, on October 15 they commenced demolishing the beaches along this famous area.If you are all new this drama, it is part of a beach regeneration, environmental overhaul that they are doing along coastal areas in France. As you can imagine there is a lot of dramas with old timers being pushed out for rather larger conglomerates.I won't bore you with the sordid details , but Sarkozy is one of the new owners 
Anyway,I don't want to repeat myself ad nauseum   , but if you want to get an idea what is happening check out the link. 

So,lets get to the nut of it
"The rehabilitation program will be carried out over three years, in phases, focusing on the most suitable periods to minimize disturbance of tourist activity in the peninsula such as: Phase 1: Fall 2018 - Spring 2019: deconstructions - burial of networks - construction of new buildings Phase 2: Fall 2019 - Spring 2020: reconstruction and pro…

A supermarket open 24/7 on Champs-Elysees? That's unbelievable.....

Its not that I'm lazy, but I am multi-tasking like a person possessed at the moment! Anyway this is a direct translation from  Welcome to the "store of the future" . In any case, this is how the Casinogroup  presents this week a new generation supermarket near the Champs-Elysees in Paris. Open 24 hours a day, "Le 4 Casino" has around  twenty employees ... but not a single cashier: the customer uses self-service terminals or via his Casino Max application.
During the day, it will be accessible to all customers but, from 22 hours and all night, only holders of the Casino Max mobile application will be able to enter, by scanning their code on a terminal at the entrance and at the entrance. exit. The staff focuses on serving guests in different areas, including a section dedicated to snacks. At night, only two security guards are present, say…

Because I am a sucker for punishment…

Not satisfied with updating the Cote d’Azur, I have taken it upon myself to not only pfaff around with the pharmacies in Paris, but to re-jig & eventually expand upon the grocery/ food listings in Paris.
So, just to keep you up to speed
Mon -Thur : we are updating the Cote d’Azur & to be more precise we are up to Frejus 
Fri: pfaffing around with the pharmacies in Paris ie photos, being clearer about languages & disabled access etc

Sat & Sun: Supermarkets, grocery stores whatever you want to call them in Paris. I am simply going to re-check all the information I have at the moment about the basic groceries & then once that has been completed include bakeries, patisseries, wine stores, chocolate shops, much like I have been doing along the Cote d’Azur. So, expect some strange looking maps for the moment Cheers Alice

Maison Plisson – Yumoo!

One of the things we all love about the French is their passion for food. Not just any old stuff, good quality, locally sourced produce. Something I sorely miss here at home. Happily, I am pleased to say this place hits the mark. Not only is the restaurant/café excellent, but the alimentation (grocery) area a joy. The food in the restaurant is all the highest quality & uses as you would expect seasonal produce, with the alimentation section priding its self on selling items that you will use & not just leave on a shelf wondering what to do with it! Expect to find: *Le Poulet de Bresse. “The only A.O.C. (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) chicken in France *Honey from the beekeeper Richard Laurance on the Breton island of Belle Île *Fruit juices made by La Domaine Laffitte ,in the Quercy from the southwest of France There is also a bakery, cheese counter, charcuterie, wine ,champagne & more For those of you lucky enough to be staying in an apartment or anywhere long term, you can p…

Let the supermarket wars continue - Paris Franprix

If you are travelling to Paris you may be interested to know that all the supermarkets appear to be going thru some kind of transition. No longer happy to just sell you grocery items now they want to tempt you with free phone re-charging, eating areas, gourmet coffee & even a place to pump up your bicycle tyres Auchan has been going on a rampage updating everything in their supermarkets & now Franprix is also following suit.The new store that is leading the way is in the 11eme on the Rue de Montreuil So let me just copy & paste here. I could re-write all this but what’s the point when I could be working on updating Antibes!   “The brand wanted to focus on catering, ultra-fresh, the best to eat ... with a new living space offering hot snacking (pizza, croque-monsieur, chorizo ​​bread, quiches), a Dessert bar (cookies, brownies, buns ...), a salad bar and many more, to eat on the spot or take away. Another novelty: the French plate which offers every day a gourmet and balanced…

What is happening in Juan les Pins now & what is happening next year

Ok, let me try & make sense of this document for you. I have done my best with the extremely dry nature of an official document and have only included the main points I think you may be interested in.  1. The beach/restaurants of the Juan les Pins area are/were the first to be demolished. The area they were in,are to remain public for season 2018. Work will commence in winter for the mix of removable & permanent fixtures 2. Concern is for narrow nature of the beach therefore the beach area is having some works done to ensure no further degradation of the beach & costal / ocean area,ie widening the beach, like they are in Cannes 3. Restaurants on the beach ( in the future) will need to be informed prior to storms etc , so they can pull down their fixtures ( they should be able to fold away).This is to minimize damage to the beach & themselves   4. I won’t bore you, but general waste management will be improved so there is no danger of accidents in the future & the pier/…

Let the games commence - private beach/restaurant closures

As you may or may not be aware, the French government is fulfilling its promise of reclaiming the beaches and removing permanent beach club fixtures viewed as detrimental to the environment. Basically, this means the beaches must be 20% privately controlled while the rest must be for the public domain. Therefore, private beaches/restaurants that have been in situ for years will have to be demolished. At this stage, the majority of demolitions have been in Juans les Pins ( Lucky Beach,Lido Plage,Plage des iles,Jazz Plage,Esterel Plage,Star Plage,Epi Plage,Trident Plage,Le Petite Plage & La Voile Blanche. Five new completely demountable beach club/beach/restaurant should be ready for 2019) with Plage Keller on Plage de la Garoupe in Antibes also being targeted for demolition in the future.
In St Tropez, the owners of the clubs in Ramatuelle have been involved in confidential discussions with the Mairie (townhall) regarding exemptions to the law and the right to stay in place. The na…