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About Us

Sometimes a simple idea can develop into so much more. The idea for this website began several years ago in the Roman Forum. We noticed a  young guide leading a group around the site, throwing fast facts at them like bullets. There wasn't a thing he didn't seem to know about Roman history. At the end of the tour, he asked his group if they had any questions. One man raised his hand. “What would you like to know?” the guide asked hopefully. “Excuse me” the man replied “Where is the toilet?” and thus a new blog was born.

Your everyday needs don't just vanish when you visit a new city. You still have to worry about washing, buying stuff to eat and popping off to the nearest loo when nature calls. We decided to create a place that offered this type of info and more.Hopefully you will find our hard work helpful and that it will assist you to feel nice and relaxed during your stay. Funny how it is the little things that will stress you out.
We are always happy to hear from you, just contact us via the comments section at the bottom of any page

Remember, we do the boring stuff, so you don't have to!