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Antibes & Juan les Pins Beaches Overview

Cote d’Azur
Antibes & Juan les Pins Beaches
sand, sand & more sand
Ok lets get to the nut of it:
No there aren’t any jellyfish nets, only at Plage Keller/Joseph
Yes, the beaches here are all sandy unlike the pebbles, rocks or gravel that you will find from Nice heading towards Menton
Yes, a number of beach/club restaurants in Juan les Pins have closed & will re-open next year ( 2019)
Yes, they are they are more than likely going to be doing the same with the others
Yes, this will include Plage Keller/Joseph
Because life is way too short to repeat myself here is what I know

Now for the other stuff
Thankful its is all sand, and as much as I do love my old stomping ground in and around Beaulieu Sur Mer, my feet do love this lovely soft sand! Of course, the softest sand is up in the Plage de la Garoupe area, but at this stage I am in no mood to argue about where the worlds softest sand is, so lets just move on.
Public Beaches
The most accessible beach is Plage de la Gravette about a 10-15 minute walk from Antibes train station, close to the old town. Walk through the old defensive wall to find this perfectly shaped half-moon beach. The water is normally calm, therefore great for families. During the season expect to find, and this is for most beaches, toilets, outdoor showers, life guards, first aid & kiosk/food trucks. You need to get in early because it is very popular with locals & tourists alike.
The other two beaches in Antibes, Plage du Ponteil & Plage de la Salis are a comfortable 35-minute walk maximum, from the train station.These sandy beaches have small waves and sandbanks are rare , so there should be no reason to worry about a sudden drop in depth like in Nice. The only real negative is that both beaches are quite narrow, so crowding is an issue. Keep an eye on the tides too. You may emerge from a swim to find your belongings floating out past you into the sea!

In Cap d'Antibes, you will find Plage de la Garoupe. This public beach offers a very small sliver of sand for public use. This area also offers a” regie municipal plage” . What does that mean I hear you ask? Well basically it means it’s a council run service that allows people to hire a sunchair & umbrella for the day for roughly E 10.00. You cannot book ahead, there are no reservations & no you do not have to hire anything , just remember to bring a towel

There are toilets & outdoor showers & plenty of places to get a feed, it is not cheap , but you won’t starve. If you have realised your carefully budgeted day has been ruined by wet sandwiches, there are two grocery stores that are within walking distance away.
Of course, in the future there will probably be more public space available, this beach is apparently under an 80/20 rule, that being 80% public, 20% private. I imagine the people who own/run Plage Keller will fight this tooth & nail, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
Let me digress for a moment…..
If you have just arrived from doing the sea walk around the Cap, DO NOT just sit down at one of the eateries, demand a glass of water, demand to use the loo, & generally just sit & try & gather yourself. They are restaurants, not Parisian Cafes. That’s all I will say, anyone who has a business that relies on summer trade understands the concept of “timewasters” I don’t mean to be so brutal, but ….
Ok back to the subject at hand
From here the next public soft sand beaches are in Juan les Pins. Some are easy to get to while others will require some effort eg Plages des Ondes.The beaches along this area are stunning, no other word to describe them, albeit a bit boring perhaps you are a teenager used to waves from the surf ( who me!!!), there are though old fortified structures they can climb all over & amuse themselves for hours, this is of course wonderful as you de-stress from trying to find a parking spot!
Plages des Ondes does have a loo, it is a permanent structure, generally open all year & may or may not have been cleaned recently. Outdoor showers are available, but bring your own lunch, there normally isn’t a snack bar/food truck, but hey anything could change in the near future
I am sure you all have read or heard about the new beach eco rules, so I won’t bore you here, but nevertheless, you shouldn’t have to traipse so far up & away from the heart of Juan les Pins in the near future.
As of today, July 2019, you will find public spaces along the Plage de la Pinede There is a “ Regie Municipale” Plage Richelieu & two really tiny spots that are free & totally packed in summer that are wedged in & around the private enclaves. Forget any free spaces along the Plage de la Promenade du Soleil, but after that everything from the Plage du Ponton Courbet area is all yours.
Next year it will be different, so until then live it up! 

Plage Baie des Milliardaires?

Isn’t that rocky?
Ok, you caught me out, its all pebbles, just like in Nice, but the location…spectacular
If you don’t mind the rocks & scrabbling around ,then check out the other beaches & swimming spots in & around the Cap. Some are busier than others like Plage Eilenroc, but there are other little areas that you can spend the day in complete solitude. There are some strange spots that people will pitch their tent, so to speak, but no phones….I’m in!

How to blow your wade….

the private beach/restaurant
If you have read any of my past overviews it will come as no surprise that I don’t like them, and I have never understood why people want to waste their money on being insulted.
Now that being said, I am open to wasting my money, but when I do I want to make sure I don’t feel any regrets about it afterwards. 
In keeping with this my family & friends were happy to report that they enjoyed Brasserie De La Jetée, in Juan les Pins . Why? Happy staff. Now, I am not saying that the staff at the Brasserie will never have a bad day, or that their service won’t be appalling every so often, I am just saying, the staff were happy & that impacted their day in a positive way…they spent more money on food & drinks.
Can I say this about the rest in Juan les Pins? Sadly no. It is expensive, I think you would be foolish to think it would be cheap day out, but all people ask is value for money. If you are charging E 25.00 for a bowl of pasta, can you at least not throw it down on the table. Also, if you are going to upset your self at the sight of someone drinking from a bottle of water, that was not purchased from you, perhaps if you (managers) or your staff could stop talking on the phone for at least one minute & grab the order from the customer, they wouldn’t do it!
It is with this in mind, that while it is dreadful that many businesses have been forced to close, maybe they could also use it as a wakeup call. No, the customer is not always right & yes dealing with the public is stressful, but c’mon guys not everyone is the enemy
Here ends the sermon
Before I forget the two hotels Belles Rives &  Royal Beach, are fine. The service is as a whole pretty good, no major issues, they just were not as happy as the staff at Brasserie De La Jetée
Happy Holidays

How do I know what the water quality is?
A Blue Flag system is in place to inform the public about water quality.
This site is in English and is very easy to follow
Click onto the little man in blue on the front page
Then select your    dept     06 Alpes-Maritime      then hit locate
                             town     Nice                          then hit locate
                            site        eg Beau Rivage          then hit locate

and you will see that in 2012 &2013 the area received an “A”