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Antibes & Juan les Pins Beaches Overview

Public Beaches

There are miles of soft sandy beaches along this stretch of coast, the claim to the softest being on the Plage de la Garoupe. Pure heaven for soft sand lovers.
The most accessible beach is Plage de la Gravette about a 10 -15 minute walk from Antibes Train Station, close to the old town.Walk through the old defensive wall to find this perfectly shaped half moon beach. From July to August,Life guards, first aid, eco friendly toilets, showers and kiosks are available to ensure a comfortable, fun day for the family This beach is extremely popular so be sure to arrive early to claim a spot

The other two beaches, Plage du Ponteil & Plage de la Salis are a comfortable 35 minute walk maximum, from the train station. Both have Life Guards and First Aid Stations/Poste des Secours, eco friendly portable and permanent toilets, showers,kiosks and restaurants available. These sandy beaches have small waves and sandbanks are rare so there should be no reason to worry about a sudden drop in depth like in Nice .The only real negative is that both beaches are quite narrow so crowding is an issue. Keep an eye on the tides too. You may emerge from a swim to find your belongings floating out past you into the sea!

Plage de la Salis offers sailing and kayaking but be careful of the yellow buoys along the area. They warn motorcraft not to come within three hundred metres of them, ensuring swimmer safety.

In Cap d'Antibes, you will find Plage de la Garoupe. This beach offers two very small slivers of sand for public use. Come early or don't come at all because this beach is crawling with the rich, famous and wannabes throughout July and August.  Fun for people watching.

Juan les Pins does not offer public beaches as a rule. You may find a tiny sliver of sand available if you are lucky. To gain public access, you will need to look at the area along the coast from Antibes into the town. Plage des Ondes is one of the beaches along this coast. It has toilets, showers and a kiosk van. Driving is the best way to get to the beach and it gets very, very crowded because it is beloved by locals in the summer. The last large public beach is the Plage du Croûton/ Plage Les Pecheûrs,then its all private until Plage du Midi. You may find tiny spaces in between the private clubs but they are hardly worth the very crowded experience. More space opens up as you head towards Golfe-Juan.

Cap d'Antibes offers quiet and solitude for the sun lover..Plage Eilen Roc, Plage de l'Argent Faux and the fabulously named Plage Baie des Milliardaires are superb. They may not have any sand or amenities but that does not stop the faithful claiming their spot, year after year.Parking is difficult and walking is the only way to gain access but the views and the vibe are worth the effort. Spectacular.

Unfortunately the beaches along Antibes & Juan les Pins have not been netted from the Medusa Jellyfish,so you will need to keep an eye on site. This website is in French but very easy to follow.

Private Beaches
As you would expect July/ August is hell anywhere along the Riviera,and Juan les Pins is no different. It's narrow beach, soft enticing sand and gentle waves lure visitors in their thousands during the high season. Clubs can be crowded but it is worth keeping in mind that the coveted first row of sunbeds can be a problem because of the tricky tides. Your luxurious sun lounger can easily become a waterbed when the tide comes up with little warning. 
Surprisingly, service is good and the food is edible.  There are Beach Clubs that fail in this regard but overall the standard along the clubs is very good. Perhaps this is because a number of clubs are aligned to local hotels which mean complaints are taken seriously by management. Prices are expensive but you don't tend to feel that you have been cheated or ripped off at the end of the day. 
The beach is incredibly narrow and clubs are bunched together. All clubs offer a choice between a sunbed or a matela. The matela is a very thick matress that sits directly on the sand with a back rest supplied at no extra charge. Be sure to specify what type of  sun lounger you want because the word matela can mean the sand lounger and the traditional sun bed.
Refunds are not an option. No exceptions. Jellyfish, bad weather, food poisoning, chronic emergency, it makes no difference. Buy the ticket, take the ride. Risk is entirely the customers responsibility. This pretty outrageous situation is the norm along the coast. so be warned. Cash is the preferred option of payment and the more you spend, the better the service. Expect lunch to be late but as stated above, at least it will be edible. 

In Cap d'Antibes ,the extremely small, yet densely populated beach, Plage de la Garoupe, has recently had more misses than hits. During July and August you can expect long delays in your lunch and drink service but a good tip will see everything running smoothly. Valet parking service is available for E:10.00 and both Plage Keller and  Plage Rocher have Jellyfish nets, so you can swim there if the jellyfish have arrived . Remember that access to the water in front of the clubs is available to the public along with access to the shoreline.

The one and only private beach in Antibes is at the Royal Beach Hotel. Tastefully decorated in muted shades of grey, the service is good, meals are good value and the waiters are relaxed and friendly. This is a really lovely, low key beach club with a great vibe.  

How do I know what the water quality is?
A Blue Flag system is in place to inform the public about water quality.
This site is in English and is very easy to follow
Click onto the little man in blue on the front page
Then select your    dept     06 Alpes-Maritime      then hit locate
                             town     Nice                          then hit locate
                            site        eg Beau Rivage          then hit locate

and you will see that in 2012 &2013 the area received an “A”