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Franprix Noé : Not just for hipsters & bobo’s

I will try to be as succinct as humanly possible trying to explain this new concept in grocery shopping.So here we go in point form:
Anti waste
Fair trade
65% of the grocery items are organic
100% of fruit & vegetables are organic
They stock 50 or so different brands of vegan products
You are able to purchase olive oil, wine ,some spirits, grains & legumes in bulk ( they have contains in store to purchase for re-use)
Pressed fresh juice is available
Fresh salad bar & yoghurt bar
Franprix markets the eggs of Poulehouse, which works for animal welfare (hens not killed, beaks not removed ...). They are sold for the first time in bulk, at one euro per unit.
Some stores will have fresh seafood available in bulk
Cleaning & cosmetics are also available
At the back of the store you will find an eating area, where you can not only heat up your meal, you can use the wifi for free
The new stores are in
5eme,7eme,10 eme,11eme & 16eme. Strategically they are all located near Airbnb  hotspots
From the Casino Group: It is designed to reassure consumers that they are purchasing products whose sources and production comply with the general trend towards more sustainable shopping. A new lifestyle shopping experience in the city.
Franprix noé is helping to support French farmers and manufacturers, paying particular attention to animal welfare and sustainable fishing. It is also broadening and deepening existing eco-friendly initiatives by working on greener packaging solutions and reducing waste across the retail chain. Franprix noé also offers more authentic recipes with heightened vigilance in the choice of ingredients.