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Paris Blog Listing Titles

Listings Include: Toilets: Public & Semi Public
                           ( including Disabled & Baby Changing  Facilities)
                           Convenience Stores etc
                           Organic Grocery Stores
                           Pharmacies ( including open Sundays & 24/7)
                           Laundromats, Laundries etc
                           Post Offices & Couriers
                           Police Stations
                           Swimming Pools
                           Smartphone Stores & Repairs
The listing includes all 20 arrondissements & Versailles 


You will be pleased to know that are directory includes: sanisettes , free standing, those located in parks and museums. We have also included semi public ie hotels, cafes, restaurants etc .All listings include disabled facilities. We have included baby changing facilities unfortunately these are few and far between, just look for the lilac elephants head. Of course all our maps are colour coded, so it makes it a little easier to know what the actual facility is. Hope all this helps Alice & Jess


Convenience Stores
( Aka: Alimentation or Epicerie)

Paris Convenience Stores 10th arrondissement - this has now been consolidated onto the supermarket map     3/9/19

Organic Groceries

Paris Organic Grocery Stores 10th arrondissement- this has now been consolidated onto the supermarket map    3/9/19



Laundromats & other Laundry Services

Post Offices & Courier Services

Police Stations


Paris Police Stations 15th arrondissement ( Lost Property Office Location)

Swimming Pools


The directory includes stand alone stores, affiliated agents, mixed businesses that sell sim cards, sometimes phones etc, electrical & computer stores. Plus stand alone repair stores. I think we have covered everything :)