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Provence Pharmacie de Garde Overview

Pharmacies de Garde/After hours Pharmacies

If you find yourself in need of a pharmacy at night or on a Sunday you will be in need of the Pharmacie de Garde. These work on a weekly roster and are available on weekends, late nights and during any holiday period. Most pharmacies have a sign in their window indicating their participation in the Pharmacie de Garde, so they are very easy to identify.

This service is for emergency treatment only. If you are suffering a normal case of sunburn or if you have lost your contact lens solution then the Pharmacie de Garde is not for you. Toothache,severe migraine and sick babies are welcome along with the usual panoply of serious ailments. You will be required to go to the pharmacy if you require their services but on the rare occasion they will come to you

The drugs dispensed for any after hours service do incur a surcharge,and are legislated costs:

Night rate: 8 € fee per order added to your bill between 20h00 and 8h00.

Tariff Sunday and public holidays: 5 € of fee per order added to your invoice between 20h and 8h.

Day rate: 2 € fee per order added to your invoice between 8h and 20h if usually the pharmacy is not open at these times.

NB: prices subject to change

To use this service you will need a cursory grasp of French.You will also be required to go to the police station ,before you even get to the pharmacie.It is likely that you will be trying to explain your problem at 2.00 am to a drowsy Frenchman policeman and they will be asking all sorts of questions that will require all sorts of answers.

If your French is appalling and you have already found out the nearest pharmacy has closed earlier than scheduled ,It is best to dial 15 then for an Ambulance/Samu. Strangely enough the Fire Brigade/Pompiers can also assist, just dial 18. The Pompiers have full medical facilities and normally do not incur a charge. You also have the option of calling SOS médecin on 3624. This is a private company that usually has a doctor on board every ambulance so expect to be charged for the service.

The following three  are a number of links to websites that will be of assistance. Note that they are all in the french language and all hours shown use the 24 hour clock
This link is fairly easy to follow.
First it will ask for your Dept OR Ville
eg Dept Alpes Maritime 06
Ville is your post code/code postal eg old town Nice 06300
There is no need to hit enter because the site takes you directly to the area
The pharmacy on duty can be identified by the cross.



This can be used either via website or via telephone

Again just follow the prompts
Votre code Postal eg 06300
or Ville eg Nice
On the next screen, click onto the ville shown

The next screen allows you to choose the time you intend to visit the pharmacy. If the required hours are not there,click 'pour les horaires suivant' meaning , for the following hours.

Further information will be given after you have chosen your required pharmacy For example, a police cap icon will be shown if you need to contact the police in advance, walking distances are noted along with any other relevant information.
Telephone 3237 and follow the prompts
Enter your postcode eg 06300
then choose a time eg 22.00
details will be given for the closest pharmacy


To complicate things even more there is another pharmacie de garde service:

This site is fairly straight forward either type in the postcode or click the area you are in eg Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur