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Provence Pharmacies Overview

French Pharmacies Overview
*Looking for a pharmacy 24 hr pharmacy,something open on a Sunday ? Well unfortunately you will only find one ( Nimes ) and one questionable one ( Mougins ) in Provence.Click this link to find further information on finding a pharmacie de garde

Travel headache. An annoying condition that appears at the worst possible moment when you are out and about on holiday. You have a whole day planned and now that cracking pain in your temple is threatening to ruin everything. You need to know the location of the nearest pharmacy and you need to know it fast. Check the pharmacy category on this site for your chosen town and your problem will be solved.

Pharmacies are a revelation in France. They offer everything from beauty products to highly personalised medical advice. Pharmacists in France are very highly trained and are able to prescribe treatments that are usually only prescribed by a doctor in other parts of the world. Some may insist that you see a doctor first, particularly if you are unfamiliar to them, but others may choose to give you antibiotics if you have a cold, a puffer for asthma, or a very strong pain killer if you have a migraine without a medical script. It is entirely at their discretion.

Aromatherapy is not a niche treatment in France. It is a normal part of medical therapy. Do not be surprised if a treatment featuring aromatherapy is offered to you first. These types of treatments can be highly effective therefore it is worthwhile listening to the advice of the pharmacist before dismissing the offer. Lavender oil, for example is perfect for burns and as a disinfectant. If you decide against this, be polite but firm when requesting more traditional medicine. The staff sincerely wish to help you and will do all they can to alleviate your condition.

The Pharmacists Association have a tight control over pharmaceuticals so if a product has any medical purpose at all, you will likely only find it in a pharmacy. Unlike in Italy, UK and US medications cannot be sold in French pharmacies because they have not been tested by the French version of the FDA. This means that you will not find familiar products like Tylenol in France. Be sure to let your pharmacist know if you have an allergy eg if you are asthmatic ask for pain medication that does not contain asprin

Pharmacies can be identified by a large green fluorescent cross displayed outside. Some pharmacies have a blue fluorescent light around the outside of the green cross. This indicates that veterinary medical supplies are available. You will find pharmacies tend to keep more traditional hours are 8.00-12.30 14.00-18.30 Monday to Friday, and Saturday mornings. All pharmacies are closed on a Sunday without exception . For After Hours Pharmacies, please see Pharmacies de Garde. All hours are listed in the directory. It is important to know that these pharmacies keep strict hours. Service will be refused after closing time with very few exceptions. Don't be surprised if you do turn up 10 minutes before closing to find the pharmacy locked and empty. Pharmacies will usually close early if business is slow at the end of the day.

Emergency  Numbers
General Numbers
Samu/ Ambulance                 Tel                                                            15
Pompiers/Fire Brigade                                                                            18
Police                                                                                                     17
Urgences enfants :                                                                                   119
SOS Médecin (Doctor) 24/7 :   Tel:  3624    Cost: E0.12 per minute or    08 10 85 01 01
Dentiste de Garde                                                                                    08 92 56 67 66

Pharmacie de garde                    Tel: 3237 or
Dentiste de garde : Alpes -Maritime only

Town Specific Emergency Numbers
Aix en Provence
SOS Doctors - Tel. : 04 42 26 24 00 Emergency 24 (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) -
                        Tel. : 04 42 96 66 00
Medical emergency (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) - Tel. : 04 42 26 40 40
Dentists :
Dental Emergencies - Sundays and Public Holidays - Offices open in August
Tel. : 0892566766
Pharmacies de garde
On weekdays after 21.00 & weekends & holidays after 19.00,you must attended the
Police National Tel : 04 42 93 97 00
Municipale Police Tel : .04 42 91 91 11
They will let you know which pharmacies or pharmacy is on duty

Gendarmerie : 04 90 52 50 60
Smur (Service mobile d’urgence et de réanimation) :
04 90 49 29 22 ou 04 90 49 29 99
Pharmacie de garde:
Call the Commissariat de Police : 04 90 18 45 00
Sundays & evenings you must contact the Police

SOS Médecins (24h/24) 04 90 82 65 00
Medical consultations in your home
Hours:  Mon-Fri               18.00-22.00
             Sat,Sun & Hols    9.00-22.00
Pharmacie de garde
Contact: Police Nationale Tel : 04 32 40 55 55
                                              04 90 16 81 00

If you require a pharmacie de garde between 20.00-08.30 you will be required to attend the Police-Commissariat.Tel: 04 90 67 62 00
*pdf showing which are open

Commissariat de Police 17 or Tel : 04 92 30 86 60
Pharmacie de garde

Commissariat de Police 17 or Tel : 04 94 39 44 00
Pompiers/Fire Brigade 18  or         04 94 60 66 00.
Pharmacie de garde-Draguignan

SOS Médecin : 0825 005 004
Pharmacies de garde :
You must contact the Commissariat de Grasse au Tel:

Pharmacie de garde :
Call Police Municipale
Tel 24/7:
Médecin(Doctor)de garde  Tel:    0810.850.505
SOS Medecins (Doctors)            0825.005.004

Pharmacie de garde :
Commissariat de Police Tel:
Police Municipale Tel:

Cheats list....check out this pharmacies website
Pharmacie de garde this week

SOS Médecins/Doctor
3624 or 0820 33 24 24
Tel: between 8.00-20.00 Sat,Sun & Holidays.
Dentistes de garde for the Gard

Pharmacie de garde
Commissariat de Police Tel:  17 or  04 90 11 33 30
Dentiste de Garde                           08 92 56 67 66
Dentiste; for weekends in Orange:   04 90 31 43 43

Salon de Provence
Pharmacie de garde:
Contact: Commissariat de Police Tel:  17 or : 04 90 17 04 00
Pompiers/Fire Brigade                       18 or   04 90 42 38 95

Pharmacie de garde
Contact: Gendarmerie Tel: 04 92 61 00 33
Médecin de garde Tel:
Pharmacie de garde

Pharmacie de garde
Contact:Gendarmerie Nationale Tel:04 90 92 00 47

Tarascon & Beaucaire
Pharmacie de Garde
Contact: Police Nationale Tel:04 90 91 52 90

Vence & St Paul de Vence
Gendarmerie Nationale   Tel:  17 or
Pompiers/Fire Brigade          18 or    04 92 11 21 10

Médecins de garde        Tel.