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Provence Post Offices Overview

French Post Offices Overview

Postal workers appear to be the same all over the world. Some will be super helpful and will assist in any way they can, while others make a sport of watching you struggle to find the correct size box and customs forms without lifting a finger.

To make life easier,expect service to almost grind to a halt during morning and afternoon tea breaks and at lunch. Avoid these times if you have any specific needs or questions because a supervisor will not be available to help you until their little break is over. Patience is key when dealing with regional Post Offices in France.

The best way to avoid added frustrations is to try and visit the Post Office the day before you want to send your parcel. Purchase a box, grab some customs forms and buy some bubble wrap. A pair of cheap scissors wouldn't go astray either. Take these items back to your accommodation and pack your parcel in comfort before taking it to the Post Office the next day. Do not, ever make the mistake of using any kind of tape to bind your parcel. If your box doesn't close, buy another box to be sure.

Postal workers show no mercy for bound parcels. Everything will be dumped on the counter and you will be expected to start with a new box. The same applies to parcels weighing over 30kgs.
If you decide to pack in store, always remember to purchase your box, bubble wrap etc before you start to pack. Line up at the counter, buy your stuff and then retreat to a discrete corner to pack your parcel before lining up all over again. Never, whatever you do, blithely wander up to the counter with your packaging materials and plastic bag full of your items and expect to be able to pack your box while the postal worker waits for you. If you make this mistake, you may find yourself unceremoniously marched out of the post office and deposited on the pavement with your precious items thrown out after you!

A little pre planning can make all the difference. If you know you are going to send stuff home then contact customs in your country and have them send you the necessary custom forms you may need to include with your parcel.

Unfortunately the English language site has disappeared,but these links may help

Courier Services
If you wish to send items back home express or through a courier service, try Chronopost.They have an agreement with La Poste and will deliver all over the world. Chronopost supplies all sorts of envelopes, boxes and insurance but it all comes at a price. Approx E 350 for a 10 kg package to Australia same parcel to the U.S E 197.

Chronopost also delivers within Europe,so if you do need to have keys or papers delivered to London,Paris or Zurich it will be done within an approx 24 hour turnaround. For some overseas deliveries i.e. outside Europe, they will out source to Fed Ex or UPS etc.

Chronopost is available at selected stores. To find those closest to you, use the link below.The English version doesn't show on this page Click: Ou nous trouver? And then type in Ville Postcode. It helps to have some French language skills to use this method otherwise stick to the good old Post Office.

For the price list

For Services

For Other Locations

These courier services do not have any specialised stores in the Provence area. However, some do have small stores for example, opticians, alimentations etc that have drop off and pick up services. Check your preferred carrier for further details and locations.

UPS uses an alliance program with Office Depot.There are two stores in Provence Nimes & Avignon.Both stores are located outside of the City Walls

They also sell a selection of boxes and packaging materials. You may notice many young people working in the store and this is an absolute bonus. Many of them are all too happy to practice their english skills and will be very helpful indeed. There is the usual red tape to endure but the luxury of one on one service, enables you to skip through this with ease.

Attribution:    Mont Sainte-Victoire     Paul Cezanne   1839-1906     The Walter H And Leonore Annenberg Collection