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Saint-Raphaël & Frejus Beaches Overview

Public Beaches
The charming villages of St Raphael and Frejus offer many options for beach lovers. Saint Raphael  has long expanses of beach that are well maintained with Life Guards/ First Aid stations, showers and toilets available. There are even emergency phones stationed at the more remote beaches along this part of the coastline. Many of these distant beaches are very popular during the high season and you will have to arrive early to find a parking space.  These beaches are not pristine, sandy havens but they offer a fun mix of small rock pools to investigate along with crystal clear water and an intimate atmosphere.
Plage du Débarquement has shady areas along with a handy kiosk.The beach is sandy and there is a Poste des Secours,and more importantly ample parking.If serenity is what you are after then try the Calanque du Fournas. You will have to walk to this little cove but peace is assured. Remember to self cater because there are no amenities. While the beaches in both Saint Raphael , Frejus are sandy, the Plage Beau Rivage is strangely sandy on one side and pebbly on the other.The beaches are well maintained and consistently clean. 
Keep an eye out for the Medusa Jellyfish ,unfortunately neither Saint Raphael nor Frejus have installed any nets along the beaches.You can also check here at . The site is in French but is very easy to follow.
Private Beaches
The beaches are exquisite, the view divine and the sand soft. When the staff are switched on, the service is excellent and the food very good. However, when the service is bad, it is horrific and the food is microwaved and inedible. So it goes when one visits a beach club in this part of the world!

While the price and services in Saint Raphael are pretty consistent and reasonable,the same is hard to say about Frejus. Getting a waiters attention can be incredibly frustrating. If you want attentive service then pay a tip to the staff when you arrive. The staff at these clubs all seem to have permanent hangovers and avoid the sun at all costs. Sometimes it is easier to go to the bar yourself to order your drinks and bring them back to your chairs yourself. The same thing goes with lunch service. Reserve a place before or after the rush hour of 13.00-14.00 to keep your blood pressure low.

Les Sablettes offers an exquisite beach but execrable service. The food tastes like it was provided by the local Casino Supermarket across the road. Go for the views but be prepared to spend if you want a relatively stress free time. Ultimately every visitor to a beach club is at the mercy of the omnipotent club owner. They decide where you sit and how much you pay at any given time on any given day. Saint Raphael and Frejus are not special in this way, it is the same thing all along the Riviera but perhaps because these villages are small, you really notice the outrageously bad service.

If you wish to complain, write to the Town council or the local tourist authority. Club owners don't give a damn about your complaints but they do care about council intervention. They depend upon the councils to renew their leases and will usually respond to any issues the council raises, at least for a season or two! If the food is really bad, let the local health inspector know. Food inspections are loathed by the clubs for obvious reasons. Make sure you do have valid complaints to get results.

Refunds are not an option under any circumstances. Don't waste your time arguing, just take your stuff and leave. It is amazing how much club goers will suffer just to have the club 'experience'. You need to decide if the scene itself is enough for you or if you really demand value for your money. The choice is yours alone.

How do I know what the water quality is?
There is a Blue Flag system in place which rates water quality.
This site is in English is very easy to follow
Click onto the little man in blue on the front page
Then select your    dept      06 Alpes-Maritime     then hit locate
                             town     Nice                          then hit locate
                             site       eg Beau Rivage          then hit locate
and you will see that in 2012 &2013 the area received an “A”

Bon bain de Soleil!