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Saint Tropez Beaches

St Tropez Beaches
( includes Pampelonne which is technically in Ramatuelle)

Swimming Pool
Piscine Municipale Hélène Dufenieux
Public Swimming Pool 
21 Route des Salins
Tel:  04 94 97 50 91
- Adult Local : € 3.20. Subscription 12 admissions: 32 €. 

- Adults out of town : 3,70 €. Subscription 12 admissions: 37 €. 

- Local child (3/17 years): 2,20 €. Subscription 12 admissions: 22 €. 

- Child out of town : 2,70 €. Subscription 12 admissions: 27 €. 

- Child under 3 years old : free.

- Aquabike : Local: 10 € and out of town: 12 €. 
- Aquajump : Local: 8 € and HC: 10 €. 
- Aquatraining : single fare 12 €.

Public hours outside school holidays
- Monday: 12:00 to 14:00 / 16:00 to 20:00 

- Tuesday: 12:00 to 14:00 

- Wednesday: 15:00 to 21:00 

- Thursday: 12:00 to 14:00 / 16:00 to 19:00 

- Friday: 12:00 to 14:00 
- Saturday: 9:30 to 12:00 14.30-18.30
Closed: Sun 
Public school holidays (except summer)

Public school holidays (except summer)
Public school holidays (except summer)

- Monday to Saturday: 12:00 to 18:00

Other Swim Info 2019

Pool Info
25m x 10m, 4 lanes , indoors , 29ºC (84ºF), except for Wednesdays, when the temperature is raised to 32ºC (90ºF) for a morning baby swimming.
Disabled Access:  Yes

New Residents
For newcomers: medical certificate and proof of address for residents of the municipality

Public Beaches
Plage de la Bouillabaisse
Avenue du 15 août 1944 
About: The beach is sandy, the water is flat, calm & easy to access, albeit boring if your a teenager. Great if you have kids.Snack bar across the road 
Lifeguard: Yes 
Jellyfish Net?: No
Services: Toilets & Showers 

Plage du Pilon
Avenue Generale de Gaulle 
About: You can quite often find yourself alone at the height of the season on this beach.The sand is soft, the water normally calm, but there aren't amenities, but who cares,!  
Lifeguard: No
Jellyfish Net?: No 

Plage la Glaye
Rue du Glaye
About: Yes, there are people who do swim at this rather heavily trafficked spot. Personally ,I wouldn't, only because everyman & his dog are marching past you! But, if you do choose to swim here, it is all quite stony,( and just to contradict myself , has been known to have sand)  not that clean ( popular spot for lunch on the run)  & the stones under the water are a bit slimy at times. Before I forget, it is a dog friendly beach 
Services: None 

Plage de la Ponche
Rue des Remparts
About: Extremely popular with teens & families. Most youngster can be found up on the concrete area, jumping off into the water & generally having a good time. The sandy area is generally used as a  lazing , sun bathing area   
Beach Quality:  This beach is normally sandy. There can be ocean refuse blown in ( normally due to currents on the left side of the beach. Water is normally quite calm & good if you have small kids 
Lifeguard: No
Jellyfish Net?: Yes 
Services: None

Plage de la Fontanette
Rue Fontanette
About: This is a popular spot with the locals.Parking is available just behind the beach & as you would expect its paid parking only.Water is generally calm, but can ge a little rough 
Beach Quality:  sand, gravelly sand & small rocks 
Lifeguard: No
Jellyfish Net?: Yes , normally its on the left handside, 
Services: None

Plage des Graniers
Chemin des Graniers
About: Always busy in Summer, despite the difficulty in finding a parking spot. Popular with everyone 
Beach Quality: Sometimes its soft sand & sometimes its quite grainy but you will find it a little rocky at times..It is a small cove , so the water is normally quite calm 
Lifeguard: No
Jellyfish Net?: No
Services: None & I don't have to tell if you are driving, get in early 

Criques des Graniers
Chemin des Graniers
About: These are a series of about 5 small coves that run from the Plage des Graniers. The first one is the largest and is sandy & gravelly,more gravel than sand.

They tend to get more stony as you venture around,and don't be surprised when you come across a tiny nudist beach.

Most have stairs leading down to them from the road,but some scrabbling maybe required the further you go along.

Rest assured this is not on the tourist maps and for a completely tranquil day ,this is for you

Services: None 

Plage des Canoubiers
Avenue des Canebiers
About: Sandy Beach

           Flat calm water

            Plenty of shade 

          Bring your own food & drinks
          Parking difficult

Lifeguard:  Yes   Life Guard & First Aid Station

Tel: 04 94 54 80 02

Hours: Mid Jun-Mid Sept 9.00-19.00

Jellyfish Net?: Yes
Services: Toilets & Showers

Plage de la Moutte
 w/ Nude/Naturists
Chemin des Treilles de la Moutte 
About: If you like your beaches natural,without buildings and people sitting on top of you,then this is for you.When you enter you will find that this beach goes from rocky to sandy the further you walk towards the point.

Well worth the effort .

Beach Quality: Excellent! The sand is really soft 
Lifeguard: No, but there is an emergency phone in place. I'm not sure of the exact location 
Services: None 

Crique de Flolaudis

A series of small coves & small beaches  
About: Depending on the tide you may have more or less sand along this stretch.The water is generally rocky & a little rough. If you wondering what the strange monument is , well its a monument to Emile Ollivier  a  minister of Napoleon III, he had acquired a nearby estate and built the castle which was only accessible by the sea
Services: None 

Plage des Salins
Parc de la Moutte 
About: This is a really popular beach with the locals, for obvious reasons.Families,Students,Oldies, everyone. Get here early for parking.Don't bring to much stuff with you to the beach, as you need to walk down  a path  to access the beach.Oh and it is dog friendly 
Beach Quality: Fabulous! Soft sand, clear water you only have to be careful of the seagrass that may be on shore, but otherwise, its perfect  
Lifeguard: Yes 
Jellyfish Net?: Yes
Services : Toilets  & showers

Plage de Capon
Walk down the private driveway ( pedestrian access allowed) behind Les Plage des Salins Restaurant 
About:  Sand , No...Tranquillity, Yes 

La Garrigue
Sentier du Littoral 
About: If you are lucky, you will have the ultimate day at the beach here...well if you want to just kick back, read a book & not be bothered by beach football. Robinson Crusoe eat you heart out!  

Plage de Cap Tahiti 
Sentier du Littoral
About: While this area of beach can be serene, in summer it turns into a bit of a hell hole, with other people also looking for peace & tranquillity! The sand is soft, but the water is all rocky. Its a great place to take kids to go poking around, the water is normally shallow & calm giving mum & dad some well earned peace 

Plage de Pampelonne
This 5km stretch of beach has both public beaches & private beach  restaurants. The area does have seagrasses that blows up onto the beach.The water is normally quite shallow & the sand is soft.If you are looking to party then head down to the southern end onf the beach to Nikki Beach.The area is stunning what more can I say

la Crique de Pampelonne- Small Cove 
About: Yes its rocky & yes its stony, but if you want to escape the noise of Pampelonne or maybe the kids just want to poke around...its a nice little spot 

Plage de Caserne
About: Unfortunately, its not always this sandy, but it can be a welcome reprieve from the madness that is Plage de Pampelonne 

Private Beach / Restaurants
Plage La Bouillabaisse
Vibe/Atmosphere: St Tropez meets Malibu
Quartier la Bouillabaisse
Tel:  04 94 97 54 00

Hours Beach:   Roughly Easter-end Sept 9.00-17.00
          Restaurant :   All Year for Lunch & Dinner.Hours do extend in Summer.
          NB: they do have private functions so check to see if open 

Cost Sunchair:   E 25.00 
        Umbrella:    E 5.00
        Towel:         E 5.00
Sunchair & Umbrella:    Aug 2017: 2 x Sunchairs & Umbrella E 50.00                       
                                     Aug 2018 : 2 x Sunchairs  E 45.00
Cost Lunch
Chicken Caesar Salad E 23.00
Vegan Salad E 22.00
Squid with garlic & parsley
Beef Filet with fries E 35.00
Bouillabaisse E 39.00
Sea Base with vegetables E 32.00
Vegan Pesto Gnocchi E 25.00
Lobster Ravioli E 36.00
Plate of fries E 6.00
Thai fried rice E 6.00
Limoncello Baba E 12.00
Gourmet Coffee ( 3 desserts) E 14.00
3 x scoops ice cream E 11.00

Kids Meals- E 14.00
Either chicken nuggets or burger with fries
Fish & Vegetables

Full Menu:
 Plus they also have " brunch"  buffet avec boissons chaudes incluses à 45€ par personne

Beach Quality: Water is generally very calm along this stretch & the sand is just regular sand, its not gritty 
Lifeguard: On the public beach 
Child Friendly: Yes
Gay Friendly: Yes 
Towel Included: No
NB: Service & food was fine, no major problems or issues.
Plus: Car Park: E 4.00
Languages: English 
Disabled Access:  Yes: into restaurant

Beach Cafe Restaurant 
Restaurant (that does at times have deckchairs on the sand) part of "Plage La Bouillabaisse" next door
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Chill Mauritian Vibe 
Plage La Bouillabaisse
Quartier la Bouillabaisse
Tel: 04 94 97 21 09
Hours Beach:   Roughly Easter - end Nov Mon-Sun 10.00-19.00 
                         Hours extend in the evening during summer
Cost Lunch
Breakfast E 10.00 – E 25.00

Small Bottle Water E 4.00
Latte E 4.00
Coke E 3.50
Small bottle Rose, Red & White E 22.00
Glass of beer E 4.00-E 8.00

Pizza Marguerita E 11.00
3 cheeses E 13.00
Vegetarian E 14.00
Bruschetta E 15.00
Smoked Salmon Bagel E 15.00
Chicken Caesar Salad E 16.00
Italian Salad E 17.00
Hamburger E 15.00
Bacon Burger E 16.00
Chocolate Mousse E 7.00
Tiramisu E 8.00

Kids Menu E 10.00

Take away also available
Full Menu:

Child Friendly: Yes
Gay Friendly: Yes
Disabled Access: Possible 

Vibe/Atmosphere: Clean,Light & Fresh
Plage La Bouillabaisse
Quartier la Bouillabaisse
Tel: 04 94 97 07 38
Hours Beach:    Easter-end Oct  9.00-17.00
Hours Restaurant: Open all year except for Jan & Feb
                             Winter  Mon-Sun  8.00-17.00
                           Summer  Mon -Sun   8.00-21.00

Cost Sunchair:   E 15.00
        Umbrella:    E 5.00
       Towel:  Were E 5.00 , but, I don't think they supply them anymore

Cost Lunch
Glass of wine E 5.00
Large bottle of water E 7.00
Coffee E 2.50

Salade César 17,00 €
Tomate Mozzarella di Bufala 17,00 €
Salade niçoise 17,00 €
Salade italienne 20,00 €

Cannelloni Maison 20,00 €
spaghetti 24,00 €
Plate of Fries E 5.00
Sardines grillées 21,00 €
Gambas sauvages grillées - 2 pièces 39,00 €
Tartare de saumon 22,00 €

Glace ou sorbet 6,00 €
Gâteau au chocolat 12,00 €
Le baba et son verre de rhum 12,00 €
Crème caramel 8,00 €
Café gourmand 12,00 €
Tartes du jour 12,00 €
Coupe de fruits rouges 14,00 €

Kids Menu:   15,00 €
Ground Beef or Nuggets
With pasta or fries

Beach Quality: Water is generally very calm along this stretch & the sand is just regular sand, its not gritty
Lifeguard: Located on public beach only
Child Friendly: Yes
NB: Service & food was fine, no major problems or issues.
Plus:  Dogs allowed in restaurant
          Baby Changing Facilities
         Group Bookings
Languages: English & Spanish
Disabled Access: Yes

Les Graniers
Vibe/Atmosphere: Think St Tropez in the 50's, think  "God created women" it has that feel 
Plage des Graniers
1, Chemin des Graniers
Tel: 04 94 97 13 43
Hours:   1st Apr- 1st Oct
             Mon-Sun 10.00-19.30   
Hours Restaurant:   Lunch -all season
                                Dinner from late May-Aug 
Cost:   WAS: Sunchair All Day E 22.00
                     Sunchair Half Day E 18.00
                     Umbrella E 7.00
                     Towel  E 7.00

Cost Lunch
Pastis € 6
Wine € 9
Coffee € 3

All barbecued on wood fired grill
FISH of the day 1 Pers. - 400 / 500G 45 €
SAINT-PIERRE 2 PERS. - 1 / 1.2KG 120 €

Black Angus
BIB USA - 250G 35 €
TAB USA - 250G 38 €
PICANHA USA - 250G 32 €

Accompaniments 8 €
Grilled Sardines w/ toast 18 €
Pesto 21 €
Burrata,tomatoes & Basil 23 €
Mussels 24 €

Beach Quality: Sometimes its soft sand & sometimes its quite grainy but you will find it a little rocky at times..It is a small cove , so the water is normally quite calm 
Lifeguard: No
Child Friendly: Yes
Gay Friendly: Yes

NB: This restaurant is under new ownership and a friend said the meal was fine , just a few teething problems because it was no. No major issues 
Plus: Boat Shuttle from centre of St Tropez
Languages: English
Disabled Access: No

Les Plage des Salins
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Brazilian Beach Chic.
340 Chemin des Salins
Tel:  04 94 97 15 66
Hours:    Roughly Mar-Oct , but they can open earlier in the season  
Hours Beach:    9.00 ish - 17.00 

Hours Restaurant
There are two & are open Mon-Sun
1.Pizza upstairs
2.Restaurant downstairs
Hours: Easter-Oct: Mon-Sun: Lunch: Lunch 12.00-16.00*
Dinner: 19.30- 21.45 **
*Nothing will be served after this hour!
**Owners discretion
NB: The service is temperamental and very hit and miss. Diners beware!

Cost Sunchair:   2017     E 18.00

Cost Lunch
Spaghetti w/ prawns E 32.00
Pizza E 23.00
Pizza w/ 4 cheeses E 19.00
Sala w/ Roquette, Tomato & Parmesan E 12.00
Risotto E 28.00
Tiramisu E 12.00
Pavlova E 14.00
2 x scoops ice cream E 8.00
Bottle of Rose E 40.00
1 litre bottle of Vittel water E 9.00

Beach Quality: This is a natural beach, which basically means there will be seagrass.How much depends on the tide,but otherwise this is simply a stunning locale with stunning views .
Lifeguard: No
Child Friendly: Yes
Gay Friendly:  Yes
Towel Included: No

Plus: Let me start of by saying the location & everything is stunning, but, yeah I know , but...the service & food. There isn't any consistency.What do I mean, some people love this place beyond measure, while others loathe it. Sometimes I think it could be a seasonal thing, you know, July & August its super busy & things go array...I don't know. Nevertheless, it is a stunning venue 
Languages: I think they said English & Portuguese 
Disabled Access: No

Jardin Tropézina
Private Beach/Restaurant part of Chateau la Messardiere 
Vibe/Atmosphere: An F.Scott Fitzgerald feel, you know he & Zelda just hanging out .It has been designed to have a Provencal Garden atmosphere 
Quartier Pinet

Route de Tahiti 

83350 Ramatuelle
Tel: 04 94 97 36 78
Hours:   24th May- 6th Oct 2109  
Hours Beach:    Mon-Sun 9.00-19.00 
Hours Restaurant:   Lunch: 12.00-15.30

                                Dinner: July-August 20.00-23.00 


Cost Sunchair:     E 30.00 

Cost Lunch
pasta €27

bowl of strawberries €16

Lifeguard: Yes
Child Friendly: Yes
Gay Friendly: Yes
NB:   2019 Parking all day 4,5€.  w/ I think they said with Valet Parking 
Plus:  Chairs are pretty well spaced apart . There is more sea grass that washes up at this end of the beach 
Languages:  German, English, Spanish & Italian
Disabled Access: Yes 

Bar du Soleil
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Family Friendly 
Route de Tahiti
83350 Ramatuelle 
Tel:  04 94 79 66 87  
Hours:  Mid May-Mid October
Cost Sunchair:   Aug 2018 E 24.00
       Umbrella:    Aug 2018  E 5.00
       Towel:          Aug  2018 E 6.00
Beach Quality:  Nice sandy beach & calm water, just remember that this end does get more sea grasses blown on shore 
Lifeguard:  No
Child Friendly: Yes
Gay Friendly: Yes 
NB:   I have found most people have enjoyed going to this beach because its a little smaller & not so hip. The music is not as loud as its sister beach next door & they described it as a little less frantic. Its family & dog friendly ( in the restaurant)

Plus:   Parking E 5.50 at Tahiti Beach 
Languages:  English, Italian & Spanish 
Disabled Access:  Yes

Restaurant Tahiti Beach
Vibe/Atmosphere:  An active beach-there is always some kind of entertainment 
1153 Route de Tahiti
83350 Ramatuelle
Tel:  04 94 97 18 02 
Hours:    Easter-Oct Mon-Sun 9.00-19.00
Hours Restaurant    Lunch starts at 12.00 

Cost Sunchair:  Aug 2108      E 26.00

NB: If you book the 1st row there is no guarantee you will get the first row

       Umbrella:   Umbrella Aug 2018     E 6.00
      Sunchair & Umbrella:   Aug 2018   2nd row 2 x sunchairs & umbrella E 56.00 
Cost Lunch
Fries 11 €

Pizza starts at around 14 €

Between 50 € and 60 € the fish dish
Turbot of 500g to 49 €,
Tart Tropezienne 16 € 
Bottle of rosé at 50 €

Beach Quality:  The sand is soft,& the water crystal clear, on a good day when the seagrass has blown in! Seagrass is more prevalent as this end of the beach 
Lifeguard:  No, They said they didn't see one 
Child Friendly:  Well they don't mind children , but it's not a very  kid friendly environment 
Gay Friendly: Yes
NB:  While the service and food is fine, prepare to dine in a very crowded environment. You may find everything from a magician performing tricks around the table to dancers prancing about or a cool cat wailing on a saxophone. Noise is an issue so keep that in mind. While the name of the club may refer to Tahiti, it is difficult to see the connection. Two wooden tikis and an orange theme doesn't exactly scream South Pacific. If you like chill environment, try the club's sister beach Bar Du Soleil next door.

Plus:   Parking E 5.50

           Dogs welcome

            Free wifi   
           Shuttle Boat Service
Languages:   German, English, Italian &  Russian
Disabled Access:  Yes

Le 1051
Vibe/Atmosphere:   Clean, Fresh, Airy, Relaxed ( I don't mean clean as in it needs cleaning) 
1051 Chemin des Canniers 
Tel:  04 94 45 36 97
Hours:   Restaurant & Beach 

             Open 1st week March - end 1st week Jan 

              Mon-Sun 10.00-20.00
Hours Beach:   Beach is technically open Easter – Oct 
Hours Restaurant:   Lunch: Friday, Saturday & Sunday all season 12.00-15.00 

Lunch & Dinner July & August

NB: It was rather confusing trying to nail it down exactly, so contact them for a definitive answer to whether they are open or closed 

Cost Sunchair:   E 24.00 - E 25.00
         Umbrella:   E 5.00 or E 6.00 
Cost Lunch

Variety of cold meats 26.00€

Selection of high quality cheese (goat, sheep, cow) 15.00€
Antipasti from Italy 22.00€

Caesar salad & crispy chicken fillets with Parmesan cheese Reggiano 
Small 16 .00€ Big 24 .00€
Poke bowl: variation of raw vegetables and marine raw tuna, sesame, basmati rice (possible vegan)
Small 17 .00€ Big 25 .00€
Tomatoes & burrata, fleur de sel with basil, virgin olive oil, Balsamic vinegar 26 .00€

Tamaris sea bream fillet, fisherman mustard, wakame salad 30 .00€
Thai beef wok and seasonal vegetables 28 .00€
Linguine - Setaro - di Napoli: Seafood & pesto OR Truffle cream 28 .00€
NB: Our dishes are accompanied with a choice of: homemade French fries, saffron basmati rice, fried, seasonal vegetables.

Panna cotta of fresh red fruits 12 .00€
Crunchy and melting chocolate, creamy tonka beans 14 .00€
Champagne with selection of dessert 14 .00€

Kids Menu
Fresh cod or homemade chicken nuggets, french fries & raw vegetables
Ice cream (2 scoops) 15 .00€

Lifeguard: No 
Child Friendly:  Yes & Childs menu E 15.00
Gay Friendly: Yes
NB:   The sunchairs do not go down to the ocean front. There are only a handful of chairs so book early. I am unsure if they do have any towels, they must I’m sure, but they do have some Turkish Towels for sale
Languages:  English & German 
Disabled Access: Yes

Moorea Plage
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Party Beach-lots of noise & activity 
1526 Chemin des Moulins
Tel:  Restaurant: 04 94 97 18 17 

       Beach: 04 94 97 06 09 

Restaurant & Beach April -mid October

Hours: Mon-Sun 11.00- 20.00

Cost Sunchair:   E 30.00- E 40.00
        Umbrella:   E 8.00

Cost Lunch
Café 4 € 

Café double 7 € 

Tea 6 € 
Fruits pressés (25cl) 8 € 
Perrier, Vittel 6 €

Salade de la Mer 25 €
Smoked salmon, cream chives, toasted bread 16 €
Fresh goat cheese, zucchini, olive oil, basil, bread and pine-nut, salad 12 €

Pennes au saumon fumé maison 18 €
Linguines All'amatriciana 18 €

Moorea Royal Cheese Burger 25 €
Rib eye steak & fries 29 €

Sea bream roasted, rice, ratatouille 41 €
Grilled large prawns , rice and ratatouille, butter with herbs 55 €

Tarte Tropézienne 11,00 €
Crème Caramel 10,00 €
Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce 15,00 €

Kids Menu
White fish filet, rice and vegetables 13 € 
Chicken nuggets french fries 13 € 
Hamburger & French Fries 13 € 
Lasagne 13 €

(if you have an food intolerances or allergies the above menu is for you)

Activities:  Party,Party,Party 
Lifeguard: Yes
Child Friendly: Yes 
Gay Friendly: Yes
Plus: Dogs allowed , Free Wifi & Shuttle Boat 
Languages:  English,Spanish & Italian 
Disabled Access:  Yes

Loulou à Ramatuelle-New 2019
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Classic Riviera Feel
Chemin des Tamaris
83350 Ramatuelle
Tel:  04 94 79 80 04
Hours:   Easter- Oct  
Hours Beach:     Mon-Sun  9.00-17.00 
Hours Restaurant:    Mon-Sun  11.00-20.00 in high season
                                 Continuous service from 12.00 -19.00
                                (last order at 18.00)

Cost Sunchair & Umbrella:    E 40.00 
Cost Lunch:

Expresso  E 3.00
Café Américain (Americano) E  4.00
Café Frappé E 8.00

Evian, Eau plate (75cl) E 10.00
Coca-Cola Zéro (33cl) E 8.00
Red Bull Sugar Free (25cl) E 10.00

Gaspacho de tomates E 18.00
Vitello Tonnato E 24.00
Tomato, mozzarella, basil  E 21.00
Stuffed raviolis, black truffle  E 38.00
Salade de tomates de Provence au basilic  E 16.00
Mozzarella di bufala, tomates de Provence  E 22.00
Tartare de thon, avocat, roquette, menthe, piment  E 24.00
Thon mi cuit pavot-sésame  E 45.00
Burrata des Pouilles, tomates de Provence E 44.00
Jasmin rice E 10.00
Tarte Tropézienne  E 14.00

Lifeguard:   Yes
Child Friendly: Yes
Gay Friendly:   Yes 
Plus:   Dogs allowed & Free Wifi 
Languages:  English, Spanish, Italian&  Arabic
Disabled Access:  Yes  ( sister to Parisian restaurant) 

Club Les Palmiers
Vibe/Atmosphere: Party Beach 
962 chemin des Tamaris
83350 Ramatuelle 
Tel:  04 94 79 82 70 
Hours:    Apr-Oct * check for pre season days , it may not be Mon-Sun , it may be Fri,Sat & Sun only 
Hours Beach:   Mon-Sun  10.00-17.00
Hours Restaurant:    Mon-Sun  12.00-20.00
Cost:  Official Prices for High Season
          Canopy or VIP Beds (for 2)    200€
          Sunlounge (for 1)                   45€
          Umbrella                                8€

Cost Sunchair:      June 2019  E 40.00 
        Umbrella        June 2019  E 12.00 
       Towel                                 E 5.00

Cost Lunch
Pasta with Vongoles to 48 €
Pasta tomatoes basil 40 €
Mussels marinières 40 €
1/2 Evian 10 €
Lifeguard:  No
Child Friendly:  No
Gay Friendly:  I should say yes, but how do I say this politely..the client base is well...No 
NB:  The new decor is fabulous, the place looks & feels stunning, but keeping to truth in travel...You need to have alot of money to enjoy a day here.Its not particularly child friendly & you can bet if you are a family dropping by you will not be placed anywhere near the beach front.The music normally pumps up at about 15.00 ish.If this is your thing you will enjoy it.The food is also fine albeit deep pockets are required    
Plus:  Dogs allowed, Free Wifi & Shuttle Boat Service
Languages:  English, Russian & Chinese
Disabled Access:  Yes

Plage Restaurant L'Orangerie
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Family oriented & calm 
Chemin des Tamaris
83350 Ramatuelle
Tel:  04 94 79 84 74 , 0637007186
Hours Beach:   (Easter) Apr-Oct   9.00 ish-17.00  
Hours Restaurant:   All year round from noon
and dinner from June 15th to September 15th

Cost Sunchair:    Officially: E 21.00
        Umbrella:     Officially : E 3.00 

Cost Sunchair & Umbrella:     2 x sunchairs & 1x umbrella  E 38.00

Lifeguard: Unknown
Child Friendly:  Yes & They have baby changing Facilities .
                        Children's Menu  E 14.00 
Gay Friendly:   Yes 
Plus:   Wi fi, Boat shuttle &  Dogs Welcome
Languages:  English
Disabled Access:  Yes

Alma Restaurant-Beach-New 2019 
part of  Toison d’Or
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Party on 
Rue des Tamaris
83550, Ramatuelle 
Tel:  04 94 43 87 34 , 06 19 35 11 73
Hours:   April 12th to October 6th, 2019
Hours Beach:   Mon-Sun 9.00 ish-17.00 
Hours Restaurant:   Mon-Sun 7.30-22.30  * Opens for breakfast 

Weekly or monthly Deals
June 2019 « Beach time »
Happy Life in Alma beach
Mon-Thur : Plate of the day, Dessert of the day & sunchair E 30.00
Info & Reservation Tel: 0 4 94 43 87 34

Cost Lunch
Guacamole & corn chips E 8.00
Bruschetta E 8.00
Grilled Sardines E 12.00

Caesar Salad E 18.00
Salad Nicoise E 18.00
Octopus Salad E 22.00

Tagliatelle w/ Truffles E 26.00
Gnocchi w/ Prawns E 24.00
Risotto St Jacques & saffron E 28.00

Cheeseburger w/chips E 20.00
Vegan Falafel E 20.00
Fish n Chips E 22.00

Tiramisu E 10.00
Café Gourmand E 12.00
Fruit Salad E 15.00

Kids Menu E 18.00
Pasta w/ basil & tomato or Fish n chips or Steak n chips
Ice cream or Fruit salad 

Lifeguard: No
Child Friendly: Yes
Gay Friendly: Yes 
NB:  The sunchairs DO NOT go to the waters edge
There is normally a DJ in the afternoons
They are selling themselves as a younger persons  beach club, although they do welcome all ages....if that makes sense 
Disabled Access:  Yes

Playamigos - New 2019 
Vibe/Atmosphere:  It is suppose to have a "Bohemian Vibe" 
842 Chemin des Tamaris
Plage de Pampelonne
83350 Ramatuelle
Tel:  06 33 67 30 98 
Hours:   Officially:  Apr ( Easter)-Oct   Mon Sun  9.00-22.00
Plus:   Free WiFi & Dogs  welcome 
Lifeguard: Unknown
Languages:  English & Spanish 
Disabled Access:  Yes

Neptune - Naturist/Nude
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Its Nude, its fun, let it all hang out baby! 
469 Chemin de la Mataranne
Plage de Pampelonne
83350 Ramatuelle
Tel:  04 94 79 81 52
Hours:   1st Apr-30th Oct
             Mon-Sun 9.00-20.30  
Hours Beach:     Mon-Sun 9.00 ish-17.00 
Hours Restaurant:   Lunch starts at 12.00 

Cost Sunchair & Umbrella:   2018 :  2 sunchairs  & umbrella from E 36.00-E 46.00 

Lifeguard: No  
Child Friendly:  Yes 
Gay Friendly:  Yes
NB: Beach is nude, restaurant requires & sarong or something similar . Most people love this place, food is simple, prices aren't draw dropping .
Plus:  Pets Welcome, Free WiFi 
Languages:  German, English & Italian
Disabled Access:  Unknown

Restaurant Le Yapé
Beach Bar / Restaurant 
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Casual & Relaxed 
Chemin de la Matarane
83350, Ramatuelle 
Tel:  06 18 07 81 30
Hours Restaurant:   Roughly Easter - Oct  11.00-22.30 
NB:  This is on the naturist beach/nude area 
Disabled Access:  Difficult as it is mostly all sand with not much paving

Stefano Forever & Apero Beach & Green Club Pampelonne 
Beach club by day and dinner cabaret by night
Vibe/Atmosphere: Relax by the pool during the day then at sunset party hard 
Chemin des Tamaris
83350 Ramatuelle
Tel: 04 94 55 58 00
Hours:  Roughly Easter - end Sept Mon-Sun   9.00-04.00/05.00 
NB:  No actual beach sunbathing area, but they do have a couple of small pools.This is a hard core party place...if I told you the Koch bros have some of their notorious toga parties here that should give you some idea 
Disabled Access: Yes & No 

Bagatelle Beach-New Location
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Party, fun & keep the Champers flowing! 
Chemin de Matarane
Les Tamaris

83350 Ramatuelle
NB:  The beach in front is public.Which means no 1st row at the waters edge 

Hours:   Apr-Oct Mon-Sun   11.00- 20.00 / 21.00

Cost Lunch

Tartare de Thon E 28.00
Sashimi de Seriole E 28.00
Courgette de Nice E 26.00

Bagatelle Salad E 18.00
Greek Salad E 24.00
Caprese Salad E 20.00

White Pizza E 44.00
Panier de Crudites E 44.00
Burrata des Pouilles E 38.00

Marinated Lamb Chops E 38.00
Beef Tenderloin E 42.00
Tiger Prawns E 44.00

Ravioli E 28.00
Linguine E 38.00

Thai Rice E 10.00
Fries Regular E 10.00
String Beans E 12.00

Lifeguard: No
Child Friendly:  No
Gay Friendly: Technically yes, but it really can depend on the clientele on the day
Languages: Multi Lingual Staff 
Disabled Access:  Unknown 

Le Bar d'Ô
Restaurant/Bar  w/ Pool 
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Fun, Fun,Fun  with a Bohemian twist  
Plage de Pampelonne - Route des Tamaris
83350 Ramatuelle
Tel:  04 83 09 00 73
Hours:   May-End Sept    Mon-Sun   11.00-20.00
Cost Sunchair:   Aug 2018:  20 € per adult for a sunbed, child free.
Lifeguard: I am pretty sure there was one
Child Friendly:   Yes
Gay Friendly:  Yes
NB:  This is admittingly not my kind of venue, but those who do love this kind of thing all really like this place,. They say the food is fine, the atmosphere was fun...what else could you ask for  
Disabled Access: No

Pirata Beach
Italian Restaurant 
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Fun Family place  w/ music in the evenings 
Plage Pampelonne , Route des Tamaris
83350 Ramatuelle
Tel:  04 94 56 11 48
Hours  Restaurant:    Mon-Sun 12.00-15.00   19.00-23.00 
Child Friendly: Yes 
Gay Friendly:  Yes
Disabled Access: Yes

Restaurant Tiki Beach
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Relaxing Family Restaurant 
Route des Plages, chemin des tamaris
83350 Ramatuelle
Tel:   04 94 79 75 76 , 04 94 55 96 97
Hours:  Mid Apr- 1st week in Nov 

            Mon-Sun 9.00-23.00

Hours Beach:    9.00-17.00/ 18.00 
Hours Restaurant:     Lunch starts at 12.00 

Cost Sunchair:   July 2019  E 20.00 

Cost Lunch
Link for full menu 

Coke E 6.00
Espresso E 3.50
Mojito E 14.50 

Caesar Salad w/ chicken E 23.00
Octopus Salad E 24.50 
Fish n Chips E 26.50
Tuna w/ vegetables E 34.50 
Bacon & Cheeseburger w/ chips E 25.50
Black Angus w/ chips E 34.50 
Linguine w/ truffles E 29.50
Risotto w/ asparagus E 25.50 
Lemon Tarte E 14.00
Café Gourmand E 16.00

Kids Menu E 18.00 
Chicken n chips or salmon & rice
Ice cream

Lifeguard: No
Child Friendly: Yes
Gay Friendly: Yes 
Plus: Another place that most people tend to enjoy.Service is good & so is the food 
Disabled Access: Yes

Tiki Club
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Classic Retro feel 
Hôtel de Plein Air Kon Tiki

4363 Route des Plages

83350 Ramatuelle
Tel:  04 94 55 96 94 
Hours:  Mid Apr- 1st week in Nov 

             Mon-Sun 8.00-22.00

Hours Restaurant
Breakfast: 8.00-11.00

Lunch: 12.00-16.00
Dinner: 19.00-22.00 

Cost Lunch

Trio Mezze E 18.00
Gusto Italia E 23.00
Frito Misto E 19.00

Caesar Salad E 21.00
Caprese Salad E 19.00
Salad Nicoise E 21.00

Linguine w/ salmon E 21.00
Ravioli w/ truffles E 23.00

Tiki burger E 23.50
Fish n chips E 24.00 

Tiramisu E 11.00
Café Gourmand E 12.00
Fruit salad for 2 E 21.00

Kids Menu E 15.00
Steak n chips or Fish n chips or Pasta w/ tomato sauce
Chocolate mousse or ice cream in cone   

Lifeguard: Yes
Child Friendly: Yes & a small kids play area 
Gay Friendly: Yes
Plus: Pets Welcome
Languages:  German ,Italian & Dutch
Disabled Access: Yes

Le Club 55
Vibe/Atmosphere: Rustic Luxe
43 Boulevard Patch

Plage de Pampelonne

83350 Ramatuelle
Tel:  04 94 55 55 55
Fax:  04 94 79 85 00 
Hours:   Mar-Oct Mon-Sun 10.00-20.00
Hours Beach:   10.00-17.00/18.00
Hours Restaurant:   Lunch only

                                2 x seatings 12.00/13.00 & 15.30 
                                Do not expect it to be running on time
                               The Christmas/New Year period
                               From 20/12/2019 to 05/01/2020, daily.

Cost:   June 2019 Approx  £100 a day for a paillote ( straw roofed canopy) and 2 beach beds.

           July 2019 E 50.00  for a mattress
          June 2018 E 11.00  for umbrella, E 30.00 for a chaise, and upward
          June 2018 Matela E 27.00 for the afternoon + E 11.00
           Sept 2018 E 95.00 for 2 Mattelas and a paillote
           Aug 2018 E 45.00 Sunchair 

Cost Lunch
Basket of crudités ( served on a wooden platter) E 34.00 

Figs & Ham E 23.00 
Artichokes w/ vinaigrette E 24.00
Salad Nicoise E 25.00
Green Salad E 8.00
Salad w/ lentils E 23.00
Omelette E 27.00
Tagilatelle w/ basil in tomato sauce E 25.00
Plate of chips E 13.00
Escalope Milanese E 34.00 
Hamburger w/ goats cheese E 34.00
Grilled Steak E 41.00
Grilled Sardines E 33.00
St Pierre ( Fish) E 54.00 
Sole ( Fish) E 46.00-E 51.00 
Cheese plate E 19.00
Tarte Tropezienne w/ fruit E 20.00
3 x scoops ice cream E 18.00
Café E 4.50
Cappuccino E 6.00 
Bottle of wine E 4.00 and bottle of water for E 11.00 
Badoit ( water) E 13.00

Lifeguard: Yes
Child Friendly: Not Really
Gay Friendly: Yes
Towel Included: No
NB: Honestly , you don't come here for the come here to be seen...everything is passable.I won't say its expensive because that is a given 
Plus: If you want a towel it will cost E150.00 to was last time I was there 

They only have the traditional style sunchairs…on the sand with a mattress , they all do have a backrest so you can sit up if you choose 
You can choose an umbrella or the sun shelter with grass canopy
In the high season you will be packed in like sardines
Reservations are required for both the restaurant & beach

Valet Parking E5.50 or E 6.50 or
Across the road E4.50

Dogs Welcome
Boat shuttle service 
No loud music
Not really kid friendly

No beach service…well, its easier to just get up & get your drinks yourself 
Toilet on beach free
Toilet inside E 2.00 for madame pee pee

This place is busy over 800 meals a day are served and there are 350 matelas on the beach

Languages: English
Disabled Access: Yes & even onto the beach area. I remember they have grass mats down.I am unsure if they are there every year, so contact them first to confirm 

Cap 21 
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Relaxed 
50 Boulevard Patch

Plage de Pampelonne

83350 Ramatuelle
Tel: 04 94 79 83 15
Hours:   1st Apr-10 th Oct 
Hours Beach:    9:00- 19.00
Hours Restaurant:     12.00/12:30 - 17.00

Cost:    Matela / Mattress Only : E 19.00 
            Sunchair       Sept 2018: E 21.00
            Umbrella       Sept 2018 : E 5.00
           Towel             Sept 2018 : E 6.00

Cost Lunch

Coffee E 3.00
Herbal Tea E 5.00
Evian large E 11.00

Grilled Corn on the Cob E 11.00
Tomato & Mozzarella Salad E 16.00
Goats Cheese Salad E 18.00
Chicken Caesar Salad E 19.00
Tuna Salad E 20.00

Milanese Veal Escalope E 27.00
Thai Chicken E 29.00
Veal Cutlet E 34.00
St Pierre ( Fish) E 30.00
Grilled Prawns E 36.00

Tagliatelle w/ Pesto E 20.00
w/ Arrabiata E 20.00
w/ Seafood E 23.00

Dessert of the Day E 10.00
Tiramisu E 11.00
Fresh strawberries & Cream E 12.00

Lifeguard:  Yes
Child Friendly: Yes, very welcoming 
Gay Friendly: Yes
NB:  From my cousin who visited last year in Sept 2018 . There were four of us, the day in total cost E 220 ,including the matelas & umbrellas & we were by the sea. Most of the mains were between E 20.00-E 30.00 , the drinks were about E 14.00. The best thing was the hot Nutella sandwich at E 4.00. Really nice relaxed environment .He did assure me that even with my dislike of all things private I too would enjoy it! 

Plus: Sunday is paella day 

         Dogs Welcome
         Free Wi Fi
         Boat Shuttle Service

Languages:  German, English, Spanish &  Italian
Disabled Access:  Yes

La Serena-New 2019
Vibe/Atmosphere:  They have gone for a beach house feel 
Plage de Pampelonne 

Boulevard Patch

83550 Ramatuelle 
Tel:  04 94 43 31 85
Hours:   Apr-Oct 9.00-20.00
Hours Beach:   9.00 ish-18.00 
Hours Restaurant:    unconfirmed only opens from 12.00 on wards???

Cost  :   Matela/ Mattress: E 29.00
             Umbrella              E 9.00

Cost Lunch:  A la carte : de 19 à 70 €

Lifeguard:  Yes
Child Friendly:  Yes: Kids Menu E 17.00
Gay Friendly:  Yes
NB:  There is normally a dj or some kind of music on after 15.00 
Plus:  Dogs Welcome 
Disabled Access:  Yes

Byblos Beach -New 2019
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Greek Taverna meets the Riviera 
50 Boulevard Patch

Plage de Pampelonne 

83350 Ramatuelle
Tel:  04 94 43 15 00
Hours:  April-October 
Hours Beach:   The beach is open Mon-Sun 10.00-18.00 

                          In July & August 10.00-20.00  

Hours Restaurant:    Mon-Sun 12.00-17.00

                                In July & August until 23.00 

Cost:   I have been quoted two completely different prices: 

Matelas : 40€ per person 
Mattress prices from € 30 (parasol included).

Cost Lunch

Peasant salad with cereals and crispy vegetables E 26.00
Byblos Beach salade E 34.00
Salade César E 32.00

Catch of the day (for 2 people - 1.100 kg) E 128.00
Grilled octopus, zucchini E 32.00
Rib of beef (for 2 people - 1.100kg), mashed potatoes, pepper Bearnaise sauce E 135.00

Sardinian gnocchetti with tomato and basil E 23.00
Linguine with clams E 34.00

Kale cabbage with hazelnuts E 8.00
Green beans E 11.00
Mashed potatoes with tru¬ffles E 18.00

Seasonal fresh fruits E 16.00
Organic Ice-cream selection E 18.00
Tropézienne Byblos Beach E 16.00

Lifeguard: Yes
Child Friendly: Unknown
Gay Friendly: Yes 
NB: Lounge music, low key, very casual...relaxed 
Languages: English & Italian
Disabled Access:  Yes

La Reserve a la Plage-New 2019
Vibe/Atmosphere:  It has a Costa Rican Caribbean feel 
Route de l’Epi Pampelonne

Plage de Pampelonne 

83350, Ramatuelle 
Tel: 04 94 96 39 88
Hours:  Apr-Oct   Mon-Sun 11.00-20.00 
Hours Beach:    From 11.00 
Hours Restaurant:    Food served non-stop from 12 .00-21.00 on Friday and Saturday, and from 12.00-19.00 from Sunday to Thursday.

Cost Sunchair & Umbrella:  E 50.00

Cost Lunch

Zucchini & ricotta mint flower fritters (4 pieces) 24 €
Guacamole Peruvian 22 €
Caesar crispy chicken salad 30 €
Quinoa salad, pomegranate and cucumber, chimichurri sauce 26 €
Greek salad, Feta, kalamata olive 23 €

Tuna tartare with mango, ginger soy dressing 26 €
Céviche of salmon, coconut milk, lime and red pepper 29 €
Tuna ceviche, lime and chilli, yuzu kosho salted corn 26 €
Carpaccio of Seriole, sesame oil with yuzu, wakame 24 €
Smoked beef rib-eye carpaccio, pine nuts and Jalapeno 24 €

Linguine with vongole and bottarga 33 €
Rigatoni with truffle 55 €

Black Pearl entrecote (300 gr) 48 €
Large escalope with milanaise arugula tomato 44 €
Marinated and grilled lamb skewer, smoked tomatoes with cumin 36 €
Beef filet with béarnaise sauce (200 gr) 48 €
Paillard of farmed poultry lemon burnt 36 €

Calamaretti à la Provençale 39 €
Grilled sardines with garlic and fennel 36 €
Large prawns, spicy mayonnaise pomegranate 45 €
Wolf, Sea bream, Denti 12 € / 100 g
Lobster 22 € / 100 g

Grilled vegetables. French fries. Grilled corn. Revered rice. Grilled broccoli. Puree 12 €
Truffle puree 16 €
Fries with truffles 24 €

Lifeguard: Yes
Child Friendly: Unknown
Gay Friendly: Yes 
NB:  Car park

At the far end of the Chemin de l’Epi. 5 euros per day. Valet parking service.

Three-wheeler shuttle service
Our branded three-wheeler offers you a complimentary ride to La Réserve à la Plage.

USB locker 
Digicode lockers with USB plugs are available free of charge.

Languages:  English & Italian 
Disabled Access: Yes

Plage le verde- New 2019
Vibe/Atmosphere:  All that macrame gives a real 70's feel.Yet it has a distinctive Bolivian/Peruvian twist with the colours & patterns.
20 Route de l'Épi

Plage de Pampelonne

83350 Ramatuelle, 
Tel:  0494797223 ou 0637748975
Hours:   Apr-Oct 
Hours Beach:    Mon-Sun  11:00 à 19:00
Hours Restaurant:   Mon-Sun  12:00 à 16:00  * I believe the hours are extended in the afternoons during  July & August

Lifeguard: Yes
Child Friendly: Yes: Gay Friendly
NB: Dogs Welcome,Free WiFi & Boat Shuttle Service 
Plus: Music starts playing more loudly after 15.00/16.00 

Languages: English
Disabled Access: Yes

Nikki Beach Saint-Tropez
More pool club than beach club 
Vibe/Atmosphere:  If you didn't come to party, don't bother knockin' on my door    Or   Sorry for party rocking
1093 Route de l'Épi
83350 Ramatuelle,
Tel: 04 94 79 82 04
Hours:  April 18th – September 15th 2019
Hours Restaurant:   First Sitting Daily: 12:00pm - 12:30pm

                                 Second Sitting Daily: 2:30pm - 3:00pm

Cost:   2018 1 x sunchair E 35.00 - E 40.00 

                    1 x sunbeds E 100.00-E 140.00 

Cost Lunch
Bottle of water E 9.00

Seafood Platter E 140.00
Caprese Salad E 24.00
Jug of Mojito E 150.00
Satay Roll E 25.00
St Tropez Roll E 29.00
Caesar Salad E 27.00

75 cl Dom Perignon E 500
           Cristal E 620
           Krug E 650 

Lifeguard: Yes
Child Friendly: No
Gay Friendly: Yes & just is 
NB: This is not on the beach, there is no beach frontage 
Plus: If you don't want to dance around a pool with a drink in your hand, then this joint ain't for you.This is not for relaxing its for partying...needless to say its expensive, but you honestly , you already knew that.

Languages: English
Disabled Access: No

Cabane Bambou
Vibe/Atmosphere:  A Chill ,Peruvian Vibe 
Plage de Pampelonne

Route de Bonne Terrasse

83350 Ramatuelle
Tel: 04 94 79 84 13
Hours:   April-October Mon-Sun 
Hours Beach:   Mon-Sun 9.00 ish-17.00
Hours Restaurant:   Breakfast: July & August from 8.00 -

                                Lunch: All Season 11.00-15.00/16.00
                               Dinner: Late June- end August 17.00/18.00 -til late

Cost:    May 2019 35€ le transat
            Sunchair & Umbrella:   Officially: Matelas/Mattress : 26€

                                                                            Sunchair  : 35€

Cost Lunch

Coffee E 3.50
Cappuccino E 6.00
Herbal Tea E 5.00
Evian E 9.00
Coke E 6.00 

La Fidele E 24.00
La Printaniere E 24.00
La Mer E 26.00

Spaghetti w/ clams E 26.00
Vegetarian Macaroni E 24.00
Lobster Risotto E 32.00

Black Angus Steak E 26.00
Veal E 31.00

Tuna Tataki E 27.00 
Organic Sea Bass E 43.00 per person

An extra side dish E 6.00 eg chips,mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables

Apple crepe w/ice cream E 12.00
Rum Baba E 12.00
3 x scoops ice cream E 9.00 

Lifeguard: On the public beach, right next to their beach 
Child Friendly: Yes : Menu enfant : 17 €.
Gay Friendly: Yes
NB:  Dogs Welcome & Free WiFi 
Plus: There is a natural coastal sea space between the restaurant & the private beach , about 200 meters

Languages: English , Spanish & Italian
Disabled Access: Difficult

Indie Beach
Vibe/Atmosphere:  The look for me was Mexican Hacienda by the beach & for some reason reminds me of the film "night of the iguana" 
Quartier Bonne Terrasse

Route de Bonne Terrasse
Plage de Pampelonne

83350 Ramatuelle
Tel:  04 94 79 81 04
Hours:  Apri-Oct  Mon-Sun 9.00-01.00 
Hours Restaurant:  All year round, daily.

Restaurant: lunch
Beach establishment: from April to October at noon.
Midday & evening from June 1st to September 15th.

Cost :    Mattress/Matela E 19.00

             Sunchair E 25.00
              Double Bed E 125.00

Cost Lunch

Tapas Provencal Style: E 19.00
4 x Spring Rolls E 16.00
Sautéed Sardines w/ brioche E 16.00

Greek Salad E 23.00
Cobb Salad E 24.00
Avocado Toast E 19.00

Grilled Wagyu E 40.00
T-Bone E 45.00
Black Angus E 120.00

Grilled Sea Bream E 25.00
Octopus E 31.00
Calamari & rice E 27.00

Sides E 4.00 eg Chips w/ truffles 
Mashed Potatoes
Sautéed Vegetables 

Kids Menu E 15.00
Pasta Shells w/ ham or Chicken n chips 
1 x Ice cream 

Lifeguard:  Unknown
Child Friendly:  Yes & I was told they have a small area near the restaurant where they can play.Unconfirmed
Gay Friendly: Yes 
NB: Music starts playing after 15.00/16.00.They have djs & special events.All this extra activity starts in late May & ends around mid Sept 
Plus:  Pets Welcome & Free WiFi . There is a natural coastal sea space between the restaurant & the private beach , about 200 meters

Languages:  English
Disabled Access:  Unknown

Vibe/Atmosphere:  Fun, Family & Value. If your not into pirates & are expecting 5 star sophistication...then you are in the wrong place  
471 Chemin Garonne

Plage de Pampelonne

83350, Ramatuelle
Tel:  04 94 45 34 89 
Hours Beach:   Roughly Apr-Oct  9.00ish-17.00 
Hours Restaurant:  All year round, daily.

Restaurant: lunch
Beach establishment: from April to October at noon.
Midday and evening from June to September.

Cost Lunch
Coffee E 2.50

Beer E 4.80
Large Bottle Water E 7.50 

Escalope E 22.00
Mixed Salad E 7.00
Dessert E 8.00

Lifeguard: Yes
Child Friendly: Yes 
Gay Friendly: Yes
Plus: Pets Welcome & Free WiFi . There is a natural coastal sea space between the restaurant & the private beach , about 200 meters
Languages: English
Disabled Access: Unknown

Plage Tropicana
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Greeks Islands-Corfu come to mind 
Route de Bonne Terrasse

Plage de Pampelonne

83350 Ramatuelle
Tel:  04 94 79 83 96
Hours:   Mon-Sun 10.00-20.00 
Hours Beach:   The beach is open Apr-Oct from 10.00 until the sunset ! 
Hours Restaurant:  All year round, daily.

Restaurant: lunch
Beach establishment: from April to October at noon.

Cost Sunchair:   Officially: E 18.00
        Umbrella:   Officially : E 5.00 

Cost Lunch











Lifeguard: Yes
Child Friendly: It was...its not really now . Child menu: 20 to 25 €.
Gay Friendly: Yes
NB: Our boat shuttle is available to customers arriving by sea.
Plus:  Pets Welcome & Free WiFi . There is a natural coastal sea space between the restaurant & the private beach , about 200 meters
Languages: English
Disabled Access: Yes

Le Migon
Restaurant & Snack Bar 
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Relaxed beach shack by the beach...Robinson Crusoe eat your heart out  
1550 Route de Bonne Terrasse

Quartier les Boutinelles

83350 Ramatuelle
Tel: 04 94 79 93 85 

Mob: 06 78 06 42 76

Hours Restaurant:  Open all year with hours subject to seasonal changes ie in Summer the snack bar is open at 8.00 am & the restaurant will close at 23.00.Please call before hand to confirm

Cost Lunch
Restaurant menu changes daily, prices are reasonable 

Paninis E 7.00

Baguettes E 5.00
Hotdog E 5.00
Hamburger E 5.00
Muffins E 3.50
Coke E 4.00
Coffee E 2.50

NB: This is as I say a no has always been good 
Plus:  Wi Fi

          Dogs allowed
          Free parking

Languages:  German, English & Italian
Disabled Access: Unknown