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Sainte Maxime Beaches Overview

Public Beaches
Sainte Maxime has something for everyone. Families, singles, sunlovers and water sports enthusiasts will all be satisfied. There are miles of sandy beaches complete with amenities including toilets and showers. The majority of beaches are clear of pebbles and seaweed with Plage de la Nartelle being the widest and the cleanest. Plage de la Croisette near town is quite long and narrow and the Plage du Centre Ville is deep and south facing.The waves are normally gentle, but sandbanks can occur so keep an eye on the children. Elephants beach named after the famous 'Babar' books is very popular. It may seem a bit far out of town but it is well worth a visit. There is a small, well stocked supermarket nearby and a Pizza van too. You can also book lunch at one of the private beach clubs if you prefer.

Parking as you can expect, is difficult in summer, but there is the 'Simplicte' bus that will take you along the coast past all the beaches for only E:1.00. . There is a Summer timetable that runs around Mid June through to mid September. The Life Guards also arrive around the same time. All in all, St Maxime is one of the best spots to stay when visiting the Riviera. Close enough to St Tropez but far enough away to maintain a relaxed vibe, loads of great beaches to explore, good restaurants and bars.

Of course the dreaded Medusa Jellyfish return every summer but thankfully a number of the beaches are netted. You can also check to find their current locationIt is in French but very easy to follow

Private Beaches
As a general rule the clubs run quite smoothly along the Plage de la Nartelle & des Elephants area . The food is fine, the service adequate and the sand is soft. There are a few exceptions of course but generally the clubs of St Maxime are pretty fantastic. Be prepared for prices to change every day and for the fact that there are no refunds with no exceptions but you are unlikely to be hit with hidden charges, poor service and inedible food.

Valet parking is available at nearly all the Beach Clubs along the Plage de la Nartelle & des Elephants area. Cost for parking is very much at the discretion of the owners and can be either complimentary or anything up to E:5.00. It helps to be flexible when it comes to this crazy pricing policy, owners don't have to rely on regular clientele so they charge whatever they like, whenever they like.

The beaches along this stretch cater to everyone. Petit WYC has a relaxed vibe and baguettes for sale while St Barths offers pure luxury with it's own swimming pool located right on the beach! At night in Summer,you would be hard pressed to find something that isn't open, music blasts into the early hours, much to the disgust of locals, with the buzzing club La Falaba receiving the most complaints.

In the town of Sainte Maxime, the Plages Havana Paris are constantly crowded and have chaotic service. They are conveniently located so if that is a consideration, they are worth a visit. You should be prepared for a classic Riviera Beach Club experience so check your bill for hidden costs and don't expect great food. The other Private beaches, Le Tamaris Maxim Plage and Le Diamant, both located along the Plage de la Croisette, offer good value and good service. They also have a lovely, private, intimate feel which ensures attentive service. Good options if you want something in town.

How do I know what the water quality is?
There is a Blue Flag system in place which rates water quality.
This site is in English is very easy to follow
Click onto the little man in blue on the front page
Then select your   dept         06 Alpes-Maritime     then hit locate
                            town         Nice                          then hit locate
                            site           eg Beau Rivage          then hit locate
and you will see that in 2012 &2013 the area received an “A”

Bon bain de Soleil!