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Sainte-Maxime Beaches

Cote d’Azur
Sainte Maxime

Public Beaches
Plage de la Croisette

Access: To access the beach you will need to climb down the stairs via a ladder 
Boulevard Jean Moulin
About:  The beach is normally sandy, but if it has been a bad winter the pebbles & stones will be exposed 
Jellyfish Net ?:  No
Lifeguard:  Located near the roundabout on the corner of Avenue du Souvenir Français & Boulevard Jean Moulin.They are available from mid-June to the end of September, the most popular beaches (Croisette, Center-ville, Nartelle and Garonnette) each benefit from a first aid station. They open from 10h to 18h and from 10h to 19h in July and August 
Services:   Showers 

La Plage du Centre-Ville
Promenade Aymeric Simon Lorière
About: This beach is sandy. The water is always  normally always calm & has easy access into the water, no sudden sand banks
Jellyfish Net ?: No
Lifeguard: Yes: they are located only near the bridge end. They are available from mid-June to the end of September, the most popular beaches (Croisette, Center-ville, Nartelle and Garonnette) each benefit from a first aid station. They open from 10h to 18h and from 10h to 19h in July and August 
Services: Showers & the only toilet is just behind the tourist office 

Plage-Dog Friendly
This is a really small little beach, but if you have a dog its a good spot. The water is generally calm & the water is not to deep & more importantly sandy:)

Calanque Plage de la Madrague-Dog Friendly 
Avenue du Général Leclerc
About:  Popular with scuba divers

            Dogs allowed onto the beach
            Bring your own food and drinks
            Mixture of sand,gravel and seaweed

Services:  No Life Guards or First Aid Station

                No Toilets 
                No Showers

Pointe des Sardinaux - About 
Avenue du Général Touzet Duvigier 
About: Popular with picnickers.

           If you can find parking along the road ,you should find yourself having a quiet day 
          Bring your own food & drinks
          Dogs friendly 
          Popular snorkeling area  
          Lots of sea life along the shore line 

Services: No Life Guards or First Aid Station

                No Toilets
                No Showers

Plage Nartelle
Avenue du Général Touzet Duvigier
About: Sandy beach with calm water.Just be aware the sand doesn't go all the way in, if that makes sense.It goes into rocky with sand.Of course this is all dependant upon the weather 
Jellyfish Net ?: Yes
Lifeguard: Yes 
Activities: Volleyball Nets 
Services: Permanent toilets available-w/ disabled facilities as well

               Showers available
               Free parking

Handiplage:Not a Handiplage as such, but they have a carpeted area for access 

Plage des Éléphants-Dog Friendly( on leash please)
Avenue du Croiseur Léger le Malin 
About: Sandy narrow beach water is generally calm, but can get a little choppy & sort of drop of to be a bit deeper 
Jellyfish Net ?: No
Lifeguard: No, but there is an SOS phone near the loos
Services:  Portable Toilet available

                 Showers were available

NB:  The guy who owns the "Plage Buddha Beach" really gets upset if you walk past HIS beach. Of course its not HIS beach, you are legally entitled to walk past, pay no attention to him or the staff......just letting you know 

Plage de la Garonnette
Route départementale 559 
About: Flat water,virtually no waves. Normally sandy, but some seasons can be more pebbly 
Jellyfish Net ?: No
Lifeguard: Yes.They are available from mid-June to the end of September, the most popular beaches (Croisette, Center-ville, Nartelle and Garonnette) each benefit from a first aid station. They open from 10h to 18h and from 10h to 19h in July and August 

Private Beach/Restaurants
Maxim' Plage
35 Boulevard Jean Moulin
Tel: 04 94 96 75 02

Mob:06 16 69 15 85

Beach Roughly April/ May thru to late Sept/mid Oct   
           Mon-Sun 9.00-17.00
Lunch/Brunch Apr - end Sept /early Oct  Mon-Sun 11.00-16.00

Dinner Summer only until 18.00-00.00

Cost Sunchair:     E 18.00  season 2017
        Umbrella      E 4.00    season 2017
       Towel            E 5.00    season 2017

Cost Lunch:   Bowl of Fresh Fruit                                   E 14.00

                      Spaghetti Carbonara                                E 21.00
                      Pizza: Margherita                                     E 12.00
                      Pizza: Four Cheeses                                E 15.00
                     Tiramisu                                                     E 9.00
                     Calzone w/Nutella ( 2 or 3 people)            E 15.00 
                     Bottle Water                                               E 11.00
                     Coffee                                                        E 3.00
                     Childs Menu                                               E 18.00

Beach Quality
The beach is normally sandy, but if there has been a bad winter you will find it pebbly/stony. The water is generally calm & is to access if you are with children.Be warned the beach is very narrow ,normally only one or two rows of sunchairs
Beach Amenities: Showers & toilets 
Lifeguard: No
Child Friendly: Yes 
Gay Friendly: Yes
Towel Included: No
NB:  I am unsure whether they do breakfast or not I did get both a yes & a no 
Disabled Access:  Yes, but not on your own you will need assistance to get into restaurant. They do have an adapted toilet 

Le Diamant
31 Boulevard Jean Moulin
Tel: 04 94 49 29 58

Hours: April-late Sept/early Oct 
Hours Beach:  Mon-Sun 9.00 -18.00
          Restaurant:  Mon-Sun Brunch/Lunch 11.00/12.00-16.00
                              Dinner 19.00-late*
                             *Season dependant
Cost Sunchair:    2017  E 18.00
        Half Day:     Unconfirmed: E 13.00
Lunch:  Burger w/ chips          E 22.00
             Steak & Chips           E 30.00
             Croque Monsieur      E 8.50
            Cesar Salad             E 19.00

Beach Quality: This area of the beach is like Nice, quite pebbly, but they have mats to walk around 
Beach Amenities: Showers & Toilets 
Lifeguard: No
Child Friendly:Yes
Gay Friendly: Yes 
Towel Included: No
NB:  Water is generally calm & flat .Access into the water is easy, no sudden sandbanks...of course there are those wretched stones! 

Disabled Access: Yes, but not on your own you will need assistance to get into restaurant. They do have an adapted toilet 

Les Copains d'Abord
Avenue de Lattre de Tassigny
Tel: 04 94 79 69 30
Hours:   March -October
             Beach    Mon-Sun 9.00-18.00 
             Restaurant:  Breakfast menu starts in May from 9.00.  Lunch starts at 12.00 & continues until about 15.00/16.00  Dinner service starts in mid April on Fri & Sat & the hours increase throughout the season ( June until 22.00 , July until 23.00)  & then decrease again at end if season 

Cost Sunchair & Umbrella
2018: :  Beginning & end of season E 10.00

             July & Aug E 18.00 

Half Day:   Sunchair & Umbrella  July & Aug  E 15.00

Cost Lunch

Set Breakfast                                                   E 12.50
Plain Omelette                                                 E 8.00

Chicken Cesar salad                                        E 19.00
Linguine w/ Prawns                                          E 20.50
Smoked Salmon & Avocado Wrap                  E 16.00
Chicken Burger w/ Chips                                 E 19.00
Bacon Burger w/ Chips                                    E 20.00
Fruit Tarte                                                         E 8.00
Tiramisu                                                            E 8.00
1 x scoop ice-cream                                         E 3.20
2 x scoop ice-cream                                         E 5.20 
Espresso                                                          E 1.00
Macchiato                                                        E 3.00
Infused Tea                                                     E 3.50 

Childrens Menu                                              E 15.00

Beach Quality:  Sandy
Lifeguard:  No
Child Friendly: Yes
Gay Friendly: Yes
Towel Included: No
NB:  The seating does NOT go to the waters edge.The beach is public in front of the 1st row 
Disabled Access:  Yes

Le Côté Plage
23 Avenue Charles de Gaulle
Tel: 04 94 55 07 00

Hours Beach
All Year, though it is dependant upon the weather as to whether or not they have all the sunchairs out 
Hours Restaurant
All year round.

High season, open everyday at lunch and dinner time.
Low season, closed Sunday evening and Monday evening.
12H00 à 14H30 et de 19H30 à 22H30

Cost: Last year they had meal & sunchair deal:   2.50€ entrée+plat ou plat+ dessert, transat et 5 € de ticket de jeu
Lunch:   Coke,Orangina Perrier                                   E 3.90

Gourmet Salad                                                            E 13.00
Penne Pasta w/ Salmon                                              E 17.00
Burger w/Chips                                                            E 18.00 
Most Desserts ie Crème Brulee, Tarte Tatin               E 8.00 

Beach Quality:  all sand 
Lifeguard:  No
Child Friendly:   Yes Childrens Menu E 12.00 
Gay Friendly:  Yes
Towel Included:  No
NB:  The seating does NOT go to the waters edge.The beach is public in front of the 1st row
Disabled Access:  Into the restaurant & accessible toilets  

Havana Plage
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Younger & Hipper Place , its more busy/noisy  -DJ in afternoons & evenings.w/ lounge music, jazz  etc 
Promenade Simon Lorière
Tel:  06 84 30 38 17

Hours Beach:   Apr-Oct  Mon-Sun 9.00 ish-17.00
          Restaurant: Lunch: Apr-Oct 12.00-16.00

                             Dinner: Apr-Oct 19.00-till late*
*In April - open Fri & Sat night & then extends to every night in the height of the season & then winds down again

                              Breakfast :  Available from April - thru to October,. The hours start to extend thru out the season so there is no break & then they decrease again at the end of season

Cost Sunchair:    April 2017 Sunchair & Plate of the day ( set menu) E 22.00
        Sunchair & Umbrella:     in both 2017 & 2018 E 10.00

Lunch: Evian                                                         E 8.80

Apple Juice                                                           E 4.50
Chicken Caesar Salad                                          E 14.50
Salmon Caesar Salad                                           E 15.80
Tartare Crab, Avocado & Mango                          E 17.80
Linguini w/ Bolognaise or Carbonara                    E 15.80
Pizza: Margherita                                                  E 11.80
4 Cheeses                                                             E 14.80
Norwegian                                                             E 17.80
Most desserts are                                                  E 7.80
Ice Cream x 2 scoops                                            E 6.00
                 X 3 scoops                                           E 8.00

Breakfast: Express                                               E 5.00
                 French ( we’d call in continental)         E 9.50 

Beach Quality: the whole beach is sandy but  be aware the seating does NOT go to the waters edge.The beach is public in front of the 1st row
Lifeguard: No
Child Friendly:  Yes: childrens menu  15,50 €
Towel Included:  No
NB:  Dog Friendly 
Plus    Just a comment from someone I know…..

**smoothies for the beach, 5 euros to take away, 8 euros on site or 3 euros for a chair
**litre water at about 12 €
**salad of fruit at 10 €
**service was awful 

Disabled Access:  Yes into the restaurant & I believe they also have disabled toilets

Mario Plage
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Relaxed Beachside Vibe
Plage de la Nartelle

36, Avenue du Général du Vigier

Tel: 04 94 96 15 40

Hours Beach:  Easter-Oct Mon-Sun 9.00-19.30
Hours Restaurant:  Beginning & end season 9.00-19.30 

& Thur ,Fri,Sat until 23.00 
In season everyday until 23.00* 
*Please check their facebook page for any changes from season to season 
Dinner 20.00-22.30

Cost:    The hotel charges guests €12 each to use the sun beds
Sunchair & Umbrella:      Basic: E 22.00 

                                        Aug 2017  &  July 2016   E 20.00      

Half Day:   9.00-13.30 or 13.30-19.00  w/ umbrella  E 16.00

Lunch: Bottle of Vittel Water                                   E 10.00

Coke                                                                       E 6.00 
Beer on tap                                                            E 12.00
Caesar Salad                                                         E 25.00
Prawn & Smoked Salmon Salad                           E 19.00
Lobster Risotto                                                      E 38.00 
Plate of Mussels & Fries                                       E 25.00 
Grilled Lobster Tail                                                E 22.00
Steak n Chips                                                        E 25.00 
Desserts ie Tiramisu most are                               E 12.00 
An appetizer, a dish + no wine or coffee + a bottle of water: 47 euros per person

Beach Quality:  Sandy Beach

Water is calm & there is no sudden drop as you enter the water from say a sandbank  

Beach Amenities:  Valet Parking

                              Paddle Boards & Kayaks 
                             Jellyfish nets

Lifeguard:  Yes 
Child Friendly: Yes
Gay Friendly: Yes
Towel Included:  No

NB:   Obviously its expensive , but the sunchairs are a little tired looking, the toilet shower area could do with a clean...and please...the service.....:(
Plus:  This is not a party beach,. As a general rule there isn't thumping music during the day, but they do have events.
          Dogs are allowed into the restaurant 
Languages:  Most of the staff can speak English, but won't unless they want to
Disabled Access: No

WYC Plage
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Relaxed Family Beach 
Plage de la Nartelle

35 Avenue du Général Touzet Duvigier

Tel:  04 94 96 15 13

Hours Beach:    Easter-October  9.00-17.00/18.00 .00
          Restaurant:  Around Easter to October open every lunch, & 

Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights. 
From mid-June: every evening except Sunday.
NB: I did hear that they are doing breakfast, but that is unconfirmed 

Cost:     Plate of the day & sunchair From E 25.00
Lunch:  Prawn Risotto                               E 23.00

             Rib Steak n Chips                        E 24.00
             Filet Steak n Chips                      E 33.00
             Linguine Napolitana or Pesto      E 16.00
             Vegan & Gluten Free Salad         E 23.00 

Beach Quality:   Sandy beach & calm water
Beach Amenities:  Water-sport hire: paddle boards & jet skis 

                              Valet Parking
                              Jellyfish nets

Lifeguard:  Yes 
Child Friendly:  Yes: Baby changing facilities ( well, they did) 

                                  Childrens menu: E 13.00 

Gay Friendly:  Yes
Towel Included:  No

NB:  As a general rule the service here is good ( or so says my Uncle) . The food is fine , no microwave pings. It is as you would expect, expensive. They have also recently updated the mattresses ( matelas) on the sunchairs   
Plus:  Wi Fi

          Dogs allowed in restaurant

Languages:  They can speak English & as a general rule , won't humiliate you by making struggle speaking French 
Disabled Access: No

Prao Plage
Vibe/Atmosphere:   Beach Shack Vibe 
39 Avenue du Général Touzet Duvigier
Tel:  04 94 49 11 11

Hours Beach:     Roughly Easter -Oct  9.00-18.00 
           Restaurant:  Roughly Easter-Oct

                               Sun-Tue 9.00-19.00
                               Wed-Sat 9.00-23.00 

Cost Sunchair & Umbrella:     Aug 2018: E  25.00 
                                                Late August 2017  E 21.00  
        Sunchair & Umbrella Backrow         July 2018 E 20.00
Half Day:                                                   Sept 2018: E 15.00

Lunch:  Grilled Fish & Salad                      E 30.00

Baked Camembert                                    E 18.00
Goats Cheese Salad                                 E 22.00
Fish of the Day for 2                                   E 98.00

Beach Quality:   Sandy beach & the water is normally calm & allows easy access ( no sandbanks 
Beach Amenities:  Valet Parking

                              Baby changing facilities
                              Dogs allowed in restaurant
                              Massages available 
                             Jellyfish Nets 

Lifeguard:  Yes
Child Friendly:  Yes &  Kids Menu   E 13.00 
Gay Friendly:  Yes 
Towel Included: No
NB:  There is normally music ( jazz) in the afternoons & they have events with a DJ 
Plus:  The only negative feed back I have received about Prao Plage  & its not really a negative its just I guess a reality check...if you are staying the day sunbathing they will expect you to eat in the restaurant, no cheapie snacks at the bar and if you turn up at 13.30/14.00 in the afternoon do not expect the staff to fall all over you because you only want a cocktail in your sunchair...Its lunchtime, its busy & you know, maybe the people who are there all day are the ones they will be fussing over! This may sound harsh, but hey, that's exactly what I told a friend of mine 
Languages:  They do have staff that speak English
Disabled Access: No

Mahi Plage
Vibe/Atmosphere:  An Old Fashioned ( and I don't mean that in a bad way) Beachclub 
53 Avenue du Général Touzet Duvigier
Tel:  04 94 96 25 57

Hours Beach:   Roughly from Mid March thru to late Sept , as with most places its all dependant upon the weather 
         Restaurant:   Open from Mid March for lunch & dinner on Fri & Sat. The hours extend from then & obviously decrease again starting around Sept 

Cost Sunchair & Umbrella:   Aug 2018           E 20.00 

                                             Late Sept 2017   E 12.00 
                                             July 2017            E 18.00

Half Day:                              July 2017 : Until 12.00       E 12.00

                                                               After 13.30       E 16.00

Lunch:  Bottle Water either E 8.50 or small Perrier      E 9.00

Mojito                                                                            E 12.00 
Fairly Large Salad                                                        E 20.00
Salmon Tartare                                                            E 16.00
Prawn Risotto                                                              E 28.00
Grilled Fish                                                                  E 28.00
Salmon Burger                                                            E 23.00
Tarte Tatin                                                                  E 9.50
Banana Split                                                               E 9.50
Ice Cream x 2 scoops                                                  E 5.50
Extra Cream                                                                 E 1.00

Beach Quality:   sand is a bit gritter around this area
Beach Amenities:  Valet Parking

                              Toilets available
                              Showers available
                             Jellyfish nets

Lifeguard:  Lifeguard station next door 
Child Friendly:   Yes and Childrens Menu E 14.50 
Gay Friendly: Yes
Towel Included: No

NB:  No breakfast menu 
Plus:  The only thing I have ever heard is that its been the same for years, nothing fancy, fish is all good, service can be good or bad, its expensive, but hey, what isn't? 
Languages:  English& more importantly are happy to do so 
Disabled Access:  Yes into the restaurant & they do have a ramp that does go into the beach, but is steep 

La Voile
Vibe/Atmosphere:  A bit more lively-DJs & other live music in the evenings  
53 Avenue du Général Touzet Duvigier
Tel:  04 94 49 19 12

Hours Beach:   April-Oct 9.00 -17.00
          Restaurant:  Mar-Sept for Lunch 

                              June-Sept in the evenings 

Cost Sunchair & Umbrella:            Aug 2018 E 20.00 
Lunch: Smoked Salad Entrée                       E 22.00

Caesar Salad                                                E 22.00
Quinoa Salad                                                E 20.00
Linguine w/Prawns                                       E 28.00
Grilled Sardines                                            E 26.00
Pepper Steak                                               E 40.00 

Beach Quality:   Sand is a bit gritty 
Beach Amenities:   Valet Parking

                               Toilets available
                               Showers available
                               Jellyfish nets

Lifeguard: No
Child Friendly: Yes
Gay Friendly:  Yes
Towel Included:  No 

NB:   The chairs are normally always packed together, especially in August, super tight 
Plus:  Food like the service blows hot & cold
Languages:  French Only-Do not even bother with English 
Disabled Access:  Yes into the restaurant 

Barco Plage
Vibe/Atmosphere:   Coastal
57 Avenue du Général Touzet Duvigier
Tel:  04 94 96 46 49

Hours Beach:     From roughly Easter-Oct 
          Restaurant:   Open all year except Mid Jan-Mid Feb 

         Terrasse Lunch 12.00-16.00
         Dinner 19.00-til late

Cost Sunchair & Umbrella:         Aug 2018  E 25.00
        Half Day                             From 15.00:   E 19.50 
Lunch:  Caesar salad                 E 25.00

Thai Beef Salad                         E 28.00
Paella                                         E 25.00
Swordfish                                   E 28.00
Prawn Risotto                            E 30.00
Spaghetti & Mussels                  E 26.00
Brioche & Ice Cream                 E 9.50 
Bottle of Rose                           E 30.00 

Beach Amenities:  Theme nights are popular

                              Valet Parking
                             Toilets available
                             Showers available
                             Jellyfish nets

Child Friendly:   Yes & they have a cubby house on the beach where they can play 
Gay Friendly:  Yes
NB:   Service is, how shall I say it...temperamental. The food was expensive & while I am aware its expensive , it is the only place that they noticed it  
Languages:  From what I have been told French only 
Disabled Access:  Yes into the restaurant 

Private Beach,Pool & Restaurant 
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Young People w/family & in their 30's 
61 Avenue du Général Touzet du vigier
Tel: 04 94 96 22 73

Hours Beach:    Easter-Oct Mon-Sun 9.00-18.00
          Restaurant:  Easter-October ( new management 2019 may have changed these) 

                              Lunch Mon-Sun 12.00-16.00
                              Dinner 18.00-midnight-in season

Cost:   NB: Nobody was sure whether the umbrellas were included or not, I am sure they are but you never know 

           Tarifs July & Aug 2018  :  Sunchairs on the beach     E 25.00 
                                                    Sunchairs by the pool        E 30.00 
                                                    Faré-Cabana per person   E 95.00 

              Sunchair:    2018: out of season E 20.00 

                                 July 2018 only charged beachside E 20.00

Half Day:    N/A - it doesn't matter if you are there for 5 mins  or all day you will be charges a full day rate 
Lunch:   Coffee                                                    €2.50

Small Bottle mineral water                                   €5.50
Full Bottle mineral water                                      €7.50
Quinoa Plain                                                        €13.00
Quinoa, w/ avocado, cucumbers etc                   €22.00
Chicken salad                                                      €17.00
Cheese salad                                                       €24.50
St Barth salad w/ salmon                                     €19.50
Tartare of Tuna                                                    €27.00
Burger & Chips                                                    €33.00
Steak & Chips                                                      €33.00
Grilled Local Fish                                                 €21.00
Organic Goats Cheeses plate                              €9.00
Chocolate Fondant Pots                                      €12.00
Rum Baba                                                           €9.00
Café Gourmand                                                  €13.00

Beach Quality:  the sand here is a little grittier 
Beach Amenities:  The usual toilets & showers 
Lifeguard:  Yes
Child Friendly:   Yes
Gay Friendly:  Yes
Towel Included:   No

NB:  They are under new management and of course its still eye wateringly expensive , but if you were an old regular don't expect any of the benefits that you once had( I hope that makes sense) . New renovations are underway & a new team is on board.As I say don't look at the bill, just close your eyes & sign the damn thing...worry about it later, preferably when holding a scotch! 
Plus:  They have a Dj & other music .Young families like this place b/c of the Fares ( covered double bed) . There maybe a new direction under new management....we will have to wait & see... Before I forget  Valet Parking : E 5.00
Languages:  I know the staff could speak English, but am unsure as to situation with new owners 
Disabled Access:  I believe there is now full access 

Le Reine Jeanne
Vibe/Atmosphere:  An Old Fashioned ( and I don't mean that in a bad way) Beachclub 
75 Avenue General Touzet du Vigier
Tel:  04 94 43 83 87

Hours Beach:     Easter-Sept  10.00-19.00 
          Restaurant:    Lunch Mon-Sun 12.00-15.00

                                Dinner Mon-Sat 20.00-22.00

Cost Lunch:     Fish of the day             E 24.00

                        Seafood Plate              E 25.00
                        Plat du Jour Aioli          E 19.00
                        Caesar Salad               E 19.00 
                        Café Gourmand           E 12.00
                        Peach Melba                E 10.00
                        Bottle of Rose               E 27.00

Beach Quality:  The sand is for some reason softer up at this end unfortunately if there has been some storms or onshore winds you may find it quite seaweedy along the beachfront .
Beach Amenities:  Usual, toilets & showers 
Lifeguard: No
Child Friendly:  Yes
Towel Included:  No
NB:  Small,relaxed,laid back beach.It is not the hippest place at the beach,but that makes it more relaxing
Disabled Access:  No

Plage Buddha Beach 
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Tulum Inspired - designer eco 
35 Avenue du Croiseur Léger le Malin
Tel:  04 94 97 39 87

Hours Beach:    Technically they are open all year ,but of course that is dependant upon the weather.Otherwise during the season roughly Easter-Oct  9.00-18.00 
           Restaurant:   Available all year for lunch & dinner.Hours do extend in Summer 

NB: Nobody was sure whether the umbrellas were included or not, I am sure they are but you never know 
       Sunchair:    July 2018     E 20.00 

                          May 2018     E 18.00 
                         Aug 2017       E 20.00

      Half Day:                           E 18.00 

Lunch:  Buddha Salad                            E 25.00

Tomato, Mozzarella & Pesto salad        E 20.00
Salad Nicoise                                        E 21.00
Caesar salad                                           E 24.00 
Goats Cheese Salad                               E 25.00
Steak & Chips                                          E 35.00
Burger & Chips                                        E 26.00
Pasta w/ Prawns & Pesto                        E 26.00
Pasta w/ Pesto                                        E 17.00 
Fish-Saint Pierre                                     E 11.00 per 100g 
Bream for 3 w/ pasta & or rice                E 270 .00
Ice Cream 1x scoop                               E 5.00
                  3 x                                        E 10.00
Bottle of Rose                                        E 31.00

Beach Quality:   Narrow beach, but it is sandy.The water is a little rougher at this end, but nothing to really worry , if you are travelling with young children or the elderly 
Beach Amenities:  toilets & showers 
Lifeguard: No
Child Friendly:  Yes 
Towel Included: No

NB:  If you think this place is all peace love & mung beans you'd  be sadly mistaken...think Colonel Kurtz owns a beachclub...
Plus:  The place looks good, chairs are comfy , toilets are clean 
Disabled Access:  No

Plage Les Élephants
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Coastal Beach Shack 
51 Avenue Croiseur Léger Le Malin
Tel: 04 94 49 11 49

Hours Beach:      Easter-Sept Mon-Sun 9.00-17.00/18.00
           Restaurant:  Apr-Sep Lunch 12.00-15.00

                              Jun-Aug Dinner 19.30-til late

Sunchair & Umbrella:   Most of the season it is E 20.00 & generally it is only 1 or 2 rows addep because this is such a narrow beach 
Cost Half Day:       Sunchair & Umbrella  2017  E 17.00

Beach Quality:    You get different types of sand given the weather over winter or if its a stormy season.In other words some seasons really soft others a more gritty 
Beach Amenities:  Only toilets & showers
Lifeguard: No
Child Friendly: Yes
Gay Friendly: Yes

Plus: No-one in my circle has ever had an issue here.That's not to say that they never do, they just haven't had any food, service or sunchair problems.The beach is narrow, so keep an eye on the tide coming in.The restaurant normally has some music, not loud heart thumping music, how was it described to me.....upbeat guitar...whatever...It wasn't annoying. 

For those travelling with a dog, its dog friendly on the beach 

Languages: Some of the staff speak English, but it is seasonal work 
Disabled Access: No

Kalmos K'fe
Vibe/Atmosphere: Spanish Caribbean 
RN 98 la garonette avenue du croiseur léger malin

a cote de la base de jet les éléphants de mer

Tel: 04 94 56 85 23

Hours Beach:    From roughly Easter-end Sept: 10.00-17.00/18.00
           Restaurant:   From roughly Easter-end Sept: Mon-Fri : 10:00 – 01:00

                                Sat & Sun 09:00 – 01:00

Lunch:  Chicken Caesar                                  E 18.50

Tuna Salad                                                      E 21.50
Salmon, Avocado & Melon Tartare w/salad    E 18.90
Prawn , Coconut & Green Curry                     E 22.90
Bream w/ Rosemary                                       E 21.90
Burger w/chips                                                E 16.90 
BBQ Spare Ribs                                             E 19.90
Pavlova, Profiteroles , Tarte Tatin etc            E 10.00
Café Gourmand                                              E 12.00
Cheese Plate                                                  E 10.00

Beach Quality:  There is a very small piece of sand at this secluded beach, & you will find your self also with rather flat rock.Personally I like the seclusion factor & the fact that the kids can enjoy themselves poking around the rock pools.Good mix of young & old   
Beach Amenities:   Stand Up Paddle Board        E 10.00

                               Canoe                                  E 15.00

Lifeguard:  No
Child Friendly:   Yes & Kids Menu E 10.00 
Gay Friendly:   Yes
Towel Included:  No

NB:  This private beach/restaurant is under new ownership & from what I gather is quite good 
Plus:  There is music, but more lounge style  
Disabled Access:  No

Les Planches
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Upmarket-more restaurant w/ sunbathing facilities 
101 Avenue Croiseur Léger Le Malin
Tel:  04 94 49 40 86

Hours Beach:   The sunchairs are available pretty much all year, but are of course weather dependant .The hours are roughly 9.30/10.00-17.00 
           Restaurant:  January 13-November 30

                                lunch: Tuesday to Sunday
                                evening: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Closed Monday all day

                               July and August Mon-Sun  noon and evening

Cost Sunchair & Umbrella:    It is pretty much E 20.00 all season.
Lunch:  Planches Salad          E 25.00

Tuna Steak                             E 40.00
Langoustines                          E 45.00
St Pierre for 2                         E 130.00
Filet of Beef                            E 46.00
Cheese Plate ( 3 styles)         E 16.00
Chocolate Mousse                 E 14.00
Tarte Tatin                              E 16.00
Ice Cream Desserts ie Coupe Colonel E 17.00

Childrens Menu either E 12.00 or E 15.00

Beach Quality:   The beach is sandy, but to go into the water its flat rock & get get a bit slippery.It is a small narrow beach
Lifeguard:  No
Child Friendly:  Yes & they have Baby Changing Facilities 
Gay Friendly: Yes
Towel Included:  No

NB:  The only feedback I have was from my Uncle & Aunt who said thank you very much for a lovely dinner out & that they had a very nice day!
Languages: Some staff speak English 
Disabled Access: Yes into the restaurant

Plage le 44
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Old ( not in a bad way) fashioned beach club, w/ relaxed vibe 
125, Avenue du Croiseur Leger Le Malin

La Garonette

Tel:    Reservation restaurant : 04 94 49 63 16

          Reservation plage : 04 94 49 13 67


Hours Beach:     Mon-Sun 9.00/10.00-17.00 

                           Mid April-End Sept 

          Restaurant:   Mid April-End Sept 

                               Lunch  : 12.00-15.00
                              Dinner  : 19.00-22.30 
Closed: Sunday evenings 

Cost  Sunchair:     2018-E 18.00
         Umbrella:     2018-E 4.00
         Towel:          2018- E 5.00
        Half Day:       N/A

Lunch:  Assiette Asiatique                        €22 for 2 or 3

             Burger                                          €26 
             Linguini Vongolees                      €28
            Tartare Classique w/ fries            €22 
            Pasta w/ langouste                      44€
            Dessert Iles Flottantes                €10 
            Cafe Liegeois                              €10
            Cafe Gourmand                          €12
            Pavlova                                       €10
            Mint Tea                                      €4
            Coke Zero                                   €4
            Bottle of Rosè                            €20

Beach Quality: Normally really soft & the water is generally calm.Can get a little windy down at this end 
Beach Amenities:  Massages, lockers, toilets showers etc.Plus they have a self service ares where you can grab something, from there obviously, sit, eat , clean up after your self ( no not washing up, clear the table only) & back to the beach...good idea! 
Lifeguard: Yes
Child Friendly: Yes
Gay Friendly: Yes 
Towel Included:  No

NB:  I can't really give you a family/friend appraisal...they always voluntarily go to this place when they are in this neck of the woods.They said they liked it because it reminded them of what the clubs used to be like.They did say that yeah, its busy in summer & yeah, they can squash you in a bit like sardines & yeah the lady who hands out the towels barking at you that she only takes cash is annoying, in the long term it didn't disturb their day or their experience  
Plus:  Valet Parking E 5.00 & dogs allowed into restaurant BUT must be allowed to run around, be on a leash, & they will supply water for dog 
Languages:  Some staff speak English 
Disabled Access:  No

Watersports Park-Base de la Nartelle 
Plage de la Nartelle
Tel:  Information request :

        Groups & event planning:

Hours:  May to September
Costs:  Water skiing & Water Boarding From   E 50.00

            Kayaks From                                        E 20.00
            Stand up Paddle Boards From             E 30.00
            Pedalo from                                          E 25.00 

Facilities:  Large free parking lots

                Numerous Private beaches
               Snack bars and beach restaurants
                Summer bars
                Monitored public beach
               WC and public shower
               Shuttle service for boats wishing to disembark (phone :
                Easy access from to the center of Sainte Maxime with the beach shuttle

Languages: English 

Airwater Club 
51 Avenue du Croiseur Léger le Malin
Tel:  06 80 41 82 55
Languages:  English,German & Spanish 

Hours:  May - end Sept 

Single : € 12 / hour
€ 20/2 hours
30 € / half day
55 € / day

Double : 15 € / hour
25 € / 2 hours
45 € / half day
80 € / day

17 € / half hour
25 € / hour

Stand up paddle
€ 13 / hour
€ 24/2 hours
40 € / half day
70 € / day

Stand up paddle XXL
35 € / hour

€ 19 / hour
35 € / 2 hours
75 € / 5 hours package

€ 22 / hour

Private Lesson
1 to 1 lesson : 48 € / hour
Group Lesson 
4x1h : 4 pers.max: 132 € / person

Group Lesson
4x1h + 2h rental: 4 pers.max: 152 € / person

Les Elephants de Mer JetSki
Parachute,Jetski Hire & Flyboard 
Avenue du Croiseur Léger
Tel:  06 63 04 65 27

June-Sept- 04 94 19 39 13

Hours:  May-Oct 
Languages: English