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Welcome to the brave new world of virtual policing….

As of Jan 2018 Sa'tone, Saleya and La Madeleine police stations will be open to the public for just 1 ½ days per week*. Why did they reduce the hours I hear you ask….well, they have been reduced to increase policing on the streets from 35 patrols to roughly 50 patrols These new changes will also go hand in hand with the new app that is in a trial period at the moment "reporty” In the future those of you who wish to report a major incident that is happening where you are, will be able to do it via “reporty”, obviously you will have to have download the app first. The app was developed in Israel, where security is a priority, & it is sadly now being implemented in Nice. The app will allow the police/security agents to not only see you, but to know your exact location to send out the local police, gendarmerie, ambulance whatever emergency service is needed  Now I am not going to get into the argument about how good or bad it is I will leave it to the locals https://www.faceboo…