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Rome,I beg you please , just leave the toilets open.....

.....for at least 3 months before you close them again


For those of you that are new to the off again & on again dramas that are the public toilets in Rome , let me just say, I seem to be spending all my days checking to see what is happening in that fair city. 
I won’t bore you with what has previously happened, suffice to say that only seven of the loos that had been closed, re-opened, closed again & now re-opened again have re-opened, These loos are  located at the Colosseum ,Salita del Pincio,Castel Sant’Angelo,Piazza Risorgimento , Via di Ripetta & Piazza Garibaldi.Also the toilets at the Basilica San Paolo ( although not listed in our directory, too far out) have also re-opened.
Suffice to say all these toilets have been recently renovated, are normally attended, will cost you E 1.00 ( enter via the turnstile) & have disabled facilities where possible.Some do have baby changing facilities, which are very few and far between in Rome
The others near the Vatican (Piazza Leonina)& on the Piazza di Spagna should re-open in the next few months followed by those on the Via Zanardelli ( near Piazza Navona),San Giovanni & Viale Carlo Felice ( both near San Giovanni di Laterano ) and Piazza Sidney Sonnino ( Trastevere) re-opening later this year

Keep your fingers and toes crossed that nothing unforeseen happens 

For those of you interested, the history of the loos!!!!

Read about what the papers are saying 
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All in Italian , of course!

photos from:  Cecilia Fabiano/Ag.Toiati: il messaggero &  Manuela Pelati: Corriere & embrice2030