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Let the supermarket wars continue - Paris Franprix

If you are travelling to Paris you may be interested to know that all the supermarkets appear to be going thru some kind of transition. No longer happy to just sell you grocery items now they want to tempt you with free phone re-charging, eating areas, gourmet coffee & even a place to pump up your bicycle tyres
Auchan has been going on a rampage updating everything in their supermarkets & now Franprix is also following suit.The new store that is leading the way is in the 11eme on the Rue de Montreuil
So let me just copy & paste here. I could re-write all this but what’s the point when I could be working on updating Antibes!  
“The brand wanted to focus on catering, ultra-fresh, the best to eat ... with a new living space offering hot snacking (pizza, croque-monsieur, chorizo ​​bread, quiches), a Dessert bar (cookies, brownies, buns ...), a salad bar and many more, to eat on the spot or take away. Another novelty: the French plate which offers every day a gourmet and balanced menu (dish + dessert) for only € 8.90, delivered each morning by a workshop-caterer: risotto of asparagus, farm chicken marinated with lemon confit, bulgur vegetables...The recipes contain no flavor enhancers and the products are fresh and seasonal!
The new concept is part of a responsible and social approach with the desire to reduce its environmental footprint : energy consumption A, B, C drop of 30% (cold, heating, air conditioning, lighting ...) while improving the property -being social ( bicycle pump, retractable bench ...)
The product offering also contributes to this orientation through the development of bulk, the possibility of bringing its own containers and the removal of plastic packaging on organic products. Customers can also test the quality of fruit and vegetables with the " Greentest " nitrate detector .
Facilitator of life and actor of the pleasure of living in the city, franprix wished to adapt to the demand of its customers by setting up a radius "to live in town ": newspapers, a department dedicated to the tourists with products "mini- formats "(deodorants, shampoos ...)", a relay for the post office, the transfer of money via Western Union, the charging of smartphones, the guarding of keys ...
Finally, the cashing process is also fluidized, mixing the mobile, traditional and automatic boxes.”

The supermarket wars won’t stop here. I am sure Carrefour has something up their sleeves & I would not be surprised to see a Michelin star chef turning up to create a magnificent meal in the microwave!! LOL