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Maison Plisson – Yumoo!

One of the things we all love about the French is their passion for food. Not just any old stuff, good quality, locally sourced produce. Something I sorely miss here at home. Happily, I am pleased to say this place hits the mark. Not only is the restaurant/café excellent, but the alimentation (grocery) area a joy. The food in the restaurant is all the highest quality & uses as you would expect seasonal produce, with the alimentation section priding its self on selling items that you will use & not just leave on a shelf wondering what to do with it! Expect to find: *Le Poulet de Bresse. “The only A.O.C. (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) chicken in France *Honey from the beekeeper Richard Laurance on the Breton island of Belle Île *Fruit juices made by La Domaine Laffitte ,in the Quercy from the southwest of France There is also a bakery, cheese counter, charcuterie, wine ,champagne & more For those of you lucky enough to be staying in an apartment or anywhere long term, you can p…