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W.I.P Beach in Nice: This is new !

As you know I am allergic to all private beach/restaurants. Being an Aussie & spending most of my life on a FREE beach, with good amenities & great food nearby I find it difficult to part with my hard-earned cash on these establishments! That’s where it comes in handy to have relatives & friends who can go in, happily spend a day sunning, swimming ,eating & drinking & then report back to me about how they enjoyed themselves or not W.I.P Beach is a new one .They opened last year and are apparently part of the Costes group.What does that mean , well to the average punter nothing but to everyone else, achingly fashionable. Personally, I love the look of the place, I am a sucker for all white & rattan. The sunchairs, sunbeds, matelas whatever you want to call them are either the type with a wooden base and soft mattress or one of those other ones that are mesh. The food is fine, no problem there. No microwaves were heard, the only comment I received was from my uncle…

I know ,you are in Paris, staying in the 9arr & all you want to know is where an Italian deli is!

If you are staying in or around the 9arr in Paris & like me feel the need to grab some great Italian food to take back either home with you, to your Hotel or Apartment here are some choices for you. They are all of course on our map
This is the first one and I guess it’s more like a sandwich shop, but nevertheless this deli sells great sandwiches ,packets of pasta, passatas, condiments, wine ,olive oil etc Maison Castro 9 Rue Cadet Tel:01 45 23 59 61 Hours:Mon-Sat 10.00-15.0016.30-20.00 Closed: Sun Disabled Access: No This second one is a trip back in time, it’s an old fashioned traditional Italian deli and its good. It’s not hip, you won’t get 2,000,000 million Instagram likes for being here, but hey , that’s not really good food is about! Fresh produce is delivered on Thursday mornings so that’s a perfect day to stock up for the weekend wi…

A New Hope-A Loo Re-Opens

AKA: The ongoing drama that is Rome and its toilets….. are they open ,are they closed, will they ever re-open.., re tendering….blah, blah, blah I thought before I start updating Sainte Maxime in France I would just have a quick nosey around to see if there was anything new on the horizon Get out the bunting…there is a newly re-opened toilet near the San Giovanni in Laterano. It is sitting happily on the San Piazza San Giovanni in the direction of the Scala Santa, right near the taxi rank. This brand spanking new loo is located underground , but the entrance area is a glass cube. There are disabled facilities, with what I call a half elevator to take you to the level below. Thankfully , for those of you travelling with little ones , they have a baby changing area aswell.It appears things are looking up in Rome Not to be outdone by this, the Metro station San Giovanni also has some stunning new toilets with not only disabled access, but again also with baby changing facilities !! Wonders wil…