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La Cantine , Don’t let the package confuse you….

Restaurants and café listings aren’t in our brief, but in the case if la Cantine we have made an exception.That is because it is under the moniker of “Monoprix” Anyone that has been in France or is planning a visit, you may be confused when you see that the majority of the other Monoprix stores are dept stores and in most cases have a supermarket attached! Obviously companies are large, have different brands attached, but if you are a newbie to a place it can be rather confusing. What is la Cantine anyway I hear you ask….well it is a more up market , eatery aimed at the millennial. That's not to say oldies are not welcome, but it is all wooden, open spaced,has organic food & is a say a more up to date version of Le Pain Quotidien, if any of you know that place.
A lot of people seem to go there for breakfast & although it is expensive, they didn’t seem to mind. You can eat in or take away. Choices include gourmet salads, sandwiches, quiches, cakes, fresh juice etc
You can find…

She was a day tripper, one way ticket yeah

aka:too many tourists = more taxes, more costs & more charges  One of the greatest challenges facing Venice is how to manage the enormous number of day trippers visiting the city throughout the year. While it is hard to imagine why anyone would not want to stay several days in la Serenissima, most visitors whip in and whip out for a few hours only. To reduce the huge costs associated with servicing these flighty types, the city’s mayor, Luigi Brugnaro has announced an access tax which will come into place in May 2019. The initial charge will be E 3.00 per person but this will rise in 2020 to E 6.00. You can expect to pay between 3 to 10 Euros depending on the time of year and number of visitors from that point onward. The payment scales are as follows ; Green Stamp during the quieter time of the year E 3.00 , Mid season when its sort of crowded E 6.00 ( basic rate) & the height if the season when it is super busy E 10.00 Brutal, I know but anyone who has had to struggle through…