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It has come to my attention....

That there are no public toilets along Pampelonne Beach
…well except one…near l'Epi Plage

I hear you and I too said what the hell..when I received this message this morning. The good burghers of Ramatuelle, have decided in their infinite wisdom to NOT have any outdoor showers or public loos, free standing or permanent along the said beach, except for the one at the southern end of  l’Epi Plage Instead all the private clubs must have toilets available for the public and allow anyone to enter and use the said facilities, including outdoor showers. Basically they should be installed like these from Cap 21 Les Murennes ,on the side or back wall of the club  Now I think they were not really clear about the shower part, but I can imagine if there aren’t any showers available, there are going to be a lot of very upset people yelling abusive slurs in a myriad of languages Of course the main reason they contend is the environment and the special nature of the beach…the cynic in me says, yeah, but y…